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European Statism and the Death of the Filibuster

Posted in democratic party, medical by Eugene Podrazik on March 29, 2010

The greatest damage of Obamacare is not the legislation itself, but the destruction of the filibuster.

The United States Senate is a rather unique institution in the annals of parliamentary governance.  It only analogue and, indeed, model is the House of Lords; similarly destroyed by a charismatic socialist.  While parliaments the world over institutionalize the concept of majority rule, the Senate is designed specifically to protect the rights of the individual against the tyranny of the majority.  It was a brilliant concept, one of several in the United States Constitution to “district” elections.  A method of forcing a candidate to win not just a majority vote but a majority of several electoral districts.

Hitler won his election as chancellor.  And, to him went the spoils.  All of them.  Within the paradigm of German governance at the time, what Hitler did to the Jews was ‘legal.’  It was this precise event that our Founding Fathers anticipated in coming up with a bicameral legislature; in particular, the Senate.  For, in general, the best default status, legislatively, is to do nothing.  This may be frustrating to some inspired reformer, but the it is far better to do nothing than to charge off a cliff in pursuit of some ‘brilliant’ (at least in the eyes of the reformer) ‘change.’

And, over it two or so centuries of its existence, the Senate developed traditions and methods of doing business that enhanced it ability to fulfill its role as protector of individual rights.  One of those  tools is the filibuster.  It is but one of a variety of methods to gives, literally, a solitary Senator the power to delay the business of the Senate.  But, the filibuster is the crown jewel of those tactics; to create the need for a supermajority for doing business.  It is a double edged sword, a godsend when you’re in the minority, but frustrating as hell when you’re in the majority.

Last week, in engineering the passage of Obamacare, Obama, Reid and Pelosi threw out the protections of the filibuster.  Arguably, the Democrats, at least until last summer indeed had a mandate to wring the sort of change that Obamacare represents.  Arguably, the GOP perhaps had no right to sit at the table.

But, with the angry townhalls of last summer, the elections of two GOP governors in New Jersey and Virginia (both states carried by Obama in 2008) changed that dynamic.  Finally, the election of Scott Brown to the US Senate, last January gave the GOP the crucial 41st vote.  It is at this point the GOP earned its right to sit at the table of deliberations; particularly over the final shape of Obamacare.

In doing so, this was going to upend the entire health bill if it went through ‘regular order.’  But, Scott’s election wasn’t a bolt out of the blue.  For the better part of six months public polls, two governor’s elections and the town hall protests already tipped off the Democrats that this bill was not wanted and did not carry any mandate with the very people whom Congress is supposed to serve.

So, the philosopher kings in the Democratic congressional leadership with our messiah-complexed president needed a method to shove legislation past all opposition.  The entire exercise of passing the Senate bill in the House and following with a reconciliation bill was to avoid the filibuster and completely circumvent the Senate’s true role of serving as a check, in the name of individual rights, the tyranny of the majority.  It was to lock out the minority’s ability–though supported by a majority of the electorate–to serve in its role to place a significant check on the majority’s will.

The result is the reduction of the Senate to another House of Commons.  A style of governance that flies in the face of the intent of the US Constitution, designed to prevent permanent majorities to develop thereby run rough shod over individual rights.  And, it furthers Obama’s style of governance, honed in Chicago, in which a coalition of a favored 50 percent plus one gets to loot the hard work of the out-of-favor 50 percent minus one.  Maybe there are wiser heads in the Senate Democratic caucus that appreciate the damage that was done because they are going to have to repair the damage before the November 2010 elections.

Because after the mid-term elections filibuster is gone.  I doubt that McConnel, as majority leader, is going to take the likes of Durbin or Schumer at their word that they will respect the filibuster when they get back into the majority.  Reforming filibuster as being proposed by a number of the Democratic Senators is meaningless.  Every legislative road block by the minority will be ‘reconciled.’  But, given the damage of Obama’s policies the GOP is going to have its hands full ‘reconciling’ Obama’s damage out of existance.


Aging Hippies and Congressional Leadership

Posted in democratic party, medical, politics, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on October 7, 2009

The headlong, damn-the-torpedoes approach to health care “reform” is a function of democratic congressional leadership in the hands of a bunch of aging Woodstock era hippies.  Much of the top leadership hails from the early 1970’s, especially from the class of 1974; Democrats elected at the height of the Watergate scandal.  Many of these were the hippies or fellow travelers who were going to carry the revolution to the establishment by working “in the system” and thereby undermine the “system.”

But, their 30 year journey was greatly frustrated by a misalignment of stars.  The last time the Democrats held the balance of power as they do now was in Jimmy Carter’s first two years (1977-78).  At that time these hippies were much too junior to exert much influence in the House and Senate.  And, so the dream to radicalize America fizzled.

But, now comes the next opportunity.  But, for the leadership, their last opportunity since many of them are in their 70’s and will literally be pushing up daisies  when the next opportunity comes around.  So, we see the most heavy handed legislative pushes on record to move health care “reform,” cap and trade and card check to remake America as some socialist utopia.

True to their boomer roots this leadership will push this agenda forward with out the slightest care about the consequences and damages their children and grandchildren will have to bear.  They care not a whit for unintended consequences since they will live their remaining years on a lush congressional pension and then be dead shortly thereafter.  They have exempted themselves from the maw of rationing that will be unloaded on the rest of America thanks to their socialized medical monstrosity.  And, they will be able to avail themselves of what was once the finest medical system on earth before their “reforms” grind American medicine into the socialized mediocrity that now graces England and Canada.

Reid plans to jam health care reform through on reconciliation or some other obscure parliamentary trick to side it through on 51 votes.  This will in effect kill the filibuster and turn the Senate into a more grandiose version of the House. Frankly, Reid has the votes; it only takes 51 votes to kill the filibuster right now.  But, once that rule is gone, it’ll never come back.  But, what does Reid care that he’ll turn the deliberative functions of the Senate into an over-glorified student senate.  He’ll be departed from the scene; hopefully as soon as November 2010.

And, this same leadership is fighting to jam this bill through before anyone has a chance to read it.  This may give Reid, Pelosi and company some cheap thrills.  But, it’ll be murder for their party.  Because the Republicans, going into 2010 and 2012 will have over a thousand pages of selective quotes from that unvetted bill to bludgeon the Democrats. Remember, the actual reform doesn’t take place until 2013.  So, the actual vote buying potential of this entitlement will not be around until after the 2010 mid-term elections.  Nor the 2012 presidential election.

To hell with all of you left on the Titanic, suckers, I’ve already got my place on the lifeboat.

Why Not The Worst?

Posted in democratic party, economics, energy, obama by Eugene Podrazik on April 29, 2009

With Senator Spector jumping to the Democratic brand, we will have the legislative and executive branch firmly in the hands of the Democrats.  Unless, the Democratic leadership cannot trust it’s rank and file, the trillion dollar agenda that will beggar our grandchildren can not proceed unobstructed.  Won’t even be a need for the charade of “reconciliation” to push this agenda through.  And, most of all, Obama can shed the pretense that he is president and revert to this true calling as prime minister (or secretary general).  

Have it all!  Canadian-style single payer health care.  Cap and trade.  And, the next time Obama meets the king of Saudi Arabia, he needs not stop at a bow; go on, go all the way, the royal crotch was only another six inches away.  Chavez, Castro, Kim, Ahmadinejad, your reservation at the Lincoln Bedrooms awaits.

Spread the wealth?  Spread away.  Why stop at 90% AIG-style tax rates?  If you making $250K per year, you’re rich enough.  Everything above that belongs to the feds (and by extension ACORN).

And, we can all be greener than Kermit.  The folks out in Pennsylvania will now really have a reason to be bitter when our carbon-free future throws them all out into the unemployment line when their coal mines are shut down.  All they will have, then, is their guns and religion to cling to.

Torture “truth” commissions?  Why stop there?  Call up Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety.  Why stop with some DOJ lawyers who nobody can remember?  How about Rove?  Heck, why not Cheney or even W?

Hyperbole?  Hopefully no, but stripping away some of the sarcasm, everything in this post has happened.  Obama did bow to a king.  Obama talked about more than cap and trade.  He talked about bankrupting new coal fired generation plants.  He talked about checking your tire pressure as an alternative to drilling for more oil.Pelosi is pushing for a “truth” commission.  

Ninty percent tax rate?  Such a thing existed from the 1930’s until the 1960’s.  The top marginal rate then remained at 70 percent until the Reagan tax cut of 1981.  The Obama, Reid, Pelosi trioka are just testing the waters.  They’re getting us used to the word “trillion.”  And, to banana republic economics; the ones that issue paper money that has the feel of Monopoly money.  First it was taxing away the AIG bonuses.  Again testing the waters to see if we’re ready for settling for the mediocracy of “free” health care in exchange for having everything over $250,000 taxed away since that’s rich enough.

But, there is a silver lining to all of this.  Now, Obama and the Democrats will be in complete, and I mean complete, ownership of this mess.  The high taxes, prolonged recession (?depression) and the hyperinflation.



The Second Coming (of Barry as Jimmy)

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on February 27, 2009

To those who cared to look beyond the MSM smokescreen of the last election, this comes as no surprise.  But, the evidence is all in that Barry’s nothing but a tax and spend liberal.  We’ve got a budget outline that approached four trillion dollars.  And, after congress gets through it will be four trillion since Barry on set a floor on his budget proposal and has a tacit understanding with Reid and Pelosi, to run the tab up even more since he’s going to sign anything.

Then, we have proposals for more than a trillion dollars in tax increases.  The combined wet dreams of FDR, LBJ, Carter and Clinton, combined could not imagine such a number.  Well, maybe Clinton.

And, then we have the other boiler plate to the standard liberal.  The slow pre-emptive surrender to Islamic imperialism.  In Iraq, all our enemies have to do is run the clock until August 2010.  How’s that for telegraphing your attentions.

And gun control.  It seems that his lacky at justice, Holder, is making noises about re-instating the so-called “assault-weapons” ban in part because assault weapons are flowing from the north into Mexico, supplying the drug lords in their civil war against the government.  Never mind that Mexico is just this side of being a failed state.  Of course, this stuff never came out of Obama himself.  But, he like Pelosi, Reid and Schumer are just waiting…

Bait and switch.  The true intentions covered up by a compliant press.

But, it is worse.  If only we could have the day’s of Jimmy Carter.  What we really have is not a president but the UN secretary general occupying the Oval Office.  This man is a natural born citizen by virtue of the technicality of being born over US soil.  But, he spent his first ten years of life abroad.  Not at a military brat, who lived with a sense that he was a part of America.  But, as a Muslim in Indonesia, including attendance to a madrass.  So, not only did he live physically away from America, his upbringing was in a Muslim world-view; an antithesis of individual liberty which is the root of Western Civilization.

And, though he didn’t wind up practicing Islam.  His choice of “Christianity” was the virulent anti-American, anti-semitic variant of the “Reverend” Wright.

So, to add to the cheap vote-buying ethics of a Chicago ward-heeler.  So, to add to the fact that this man’s enitre adult life was living off other peoples’ money, extorting other people’s money.  So, to add to the fact that this man never ran a business, hired employees or met a payroll.  This man is now engaging in a third-world mentality of reducing his fellow citizens to the status of serf and subject.  

Obama’s spending and tax proposals make a mockery of the notion of private property.  These are whole sale expropriations of property that place him squarely in the company of Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez.  No, the comparison isn’t meant as a compliment.

The Liar

Posted in corruption, democratic party, economics, main stream media, obama by Eugene Podrazik on February 10, 2009

Sins of omission are venial; sins of commission are mortal.  Except the sin of omission that allowed Obama, with a knowing wink from the MSM, to hide the true ideologic identity of his impending presidency during the last campaign.  The omission was done wiht the intent to deceive; both Obama and the MSM knew that.

Change, change, change.  That was not fair warning because every presidental candidate has always projected himself as such an agent.  Seriously, when’s the last time a presidential candidate say “Vote for me because I’m a stick-in-the-mud like the guy I want to replace.”

No, this promise of “change” was purposely kept vague to hide an agenda that only now have become utterly manifest.  An agenda that amounts to transforming America into a EU social-welfare democracy.  To be sure the mask slipped a few times; the “spread the wealth” remark to Joe-the-plumber and Obama’s interview about bankrupting companies wanting to burn coal to generate electricity with “cap and trade.’

But, there was plenty of evidence that Obama was in the pocket of his socialist and Marxist mentors and professors.  There was no way that Obama didn’t know what Bill Ayers true views and background were.  He served as co-chair with Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to distribute some 100 million dollars of grant money.  There was evidence all over that Obama was an unreconstructed Marxist from the beginning.  But, like Carter, like Clinton, those embarrassing past fact were papered over by a compliant and fully knowing MSM.  We knew more about a pregnant 17 year-old, who couldn’t even vote, because she happened to be the daughter of a vice-presidential candidate.

Then came January 20th and the most expensive bait-and-switch in world history was unveiled–the economic “stimulus” bill.  This wasn’t creeping socialism; this was a full bore, in your face, coup d’etat.  Jefferson, Madison, take a hike, you’re history.  

So, now, the Democrats are trying to push this bill through before public opinion really trashes its chances of passage.  As I write, three Republicans have broken ranks and the Senate version will probably pass tomorrow.  I predict that the bill that will emerge from conference will merge the differences by authorizing spending for everything in the Senate and House versions; creating a bill that will almost definitely break a trillion dollars.

But, figures, especially one trillion, never lie and liars never figure.  The silver lining is that this bill, if it passes, will expend the good will and credibility, almost entirely, of Obama’s nascent administration.  All within the first month.  Bait-and-switch has a way of pissing people off.  

And, in the end, Obama will have been rolled, not by the GOP, but by his own party.  And, the credibility that will be needed to try to enact the rest of his agenda will no longer be present.

The Politics of Overreach

Posted in biden, corruption, democratic party, economics, gop, obama by Eugene Podrazik on February 6, 2009

The socialist revolution planned by Obama and company may have been upended by hubris.  Hubris and the insularity of politicians that come from jurisdictions that sport one party rule and a whole lot of corruption on the side.

Let’s start with Pelosi.  She’s busily and bravely taking bullets for Obama in pushing a frankly socialist remake of America.  The results of her so-called stimulus plan is a grotesque caricature of the “tax and spend” liberal; so over the top that is will supply the likes of Jay Leno with jokes for the next century.   It is a spending plan that puts the US into the realm of financial stewardship reflective of a banana republic.  And, this, thankfully is its downfall; both of this particular piece of legislation and, hopefully, the rest of Obama’s agenda.  

But, this grotesque spending plan is the product of a congresswoman who inhabits a district from San Francisco where her chances of being picked off by a Republican challenger is somewhat less than zero.  This is the neighborhood of the Getty manse; the venue of Obama’s famous “bitter” remarks (except they really believe it there).  Further, she has plenty of personal wealth, to augment her congressional perks of power to easily insulate her from any of the economic hard times now rocking many of her fellow Americans.  The result is a completely tone deaf woman who thinks that cornering the condom market is economic stimulus.

The we have the exalted one; Obama.  As I type, he’s had four key nominations in serious ethical trouble; one for pay to play and three for taxes.  And, the grand solons of the MSM wring their hands as to how their exalted leader has such a flawed vetting process.  

The real answer is again the arrogance and insulation that comes from operating in the corrupt one-party rule of the Chicago Democrat political machine.  In Obama’s mind, there’s nothing wrong with his vetting because such vetting would be more than adequate in Chicago.  In Chicago, everyone has ethical skeletons in the closet.  To insist, in Chicago, on such things as being reasonable accurate with tax filing would amount to the pot calling the kettle black.  I suspect, so conditioned to ethical lapses, that the Obama team never even realized that people outside the bubble that is Chicago machine politics may actually object to failing to report and pay hundred of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Obama, like many of his fellow traveller in the Democrat caucus, have lived their entire lives using other people’s money.  Obama drew a salary as a ward heeler (the old fashioned term for “community organizer”).  And, his employer, ACORN made its mark by extorting  money for “free” home–the nidus of the sub prime meltdown.  Through these activities, Obama was deemed worthy to co-chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to distribute $100 million dollars to selected friends and do nothing to do the stated goal of the Challenge, improve public education.  This is the “executive” experience he now brings to the White House.  Then on to the Illinois State legislature, the US Senate and now President.  Obama’s a very wealthy man who never added one iota of wealth to the GDP.  

And, while in Chicago, his only experience with economic policy is Chicago economic policy.  The fine art of taxes and graft of the truly productive elements of the Northern Illinois economy; just enough squeeze but just short of the breaking point.  The result is a miserably expensive place to live.  Sales taxes hovering around ten percent.  Property taxes, as compared to my home town, that aren’t just a lot more but a lot more by almost an order of magnitude.

Obama’s vice-president, Biden, got himself elected to the US Senate two years out of law school.  Then kept getting re-elected and re-elected.  The job in the Senate is the only job Biden’s held and only paycheck he’s has drawn for his entire adult life.

Then’s there’s Daschle.  A man, since his exit from the Senate, who became a multi-millionaire trading in favors and connections.  Again, wealth without one iota of economic growth or innovation.  And, by the Biden’s standard of tax paying patriotism, Daschle is clearly un-American.  

Yet, Obama, with a knowing wink, hands his legacy over to Pelosi, to write a “stimulus” bill that is a Trojan Horse for the down payment on the new Socialist America.  To say the least, the gross excess is so excessive that it takes no effort to ridicule, it ridicules itself.  

In the process, we find Obama getting rolled by both parties.  First his “friends” in his party set him up with this “stimulus” and now the GOP is making him look like a fool for being within ten miles of this legislative dog.  Our enemies are very astutely weighing this sterling example of presidential leadership.  The real irony is that Obama is so bought into this “stimulus” that he’s practically committed to signing anything, including a pig with lipstick (couldn’t resist), that walks into the Oval Office with the word “stimulus” painted on it side.

Since his only “exeuctive” experience was giving money when chairiing the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, we have a man with none.  This was not an exercise in delegation, it was abdication of responsibility to Pelosi and the solons of the House Democratic Cacaus.  With similiar dithering on Gitmo, were going to just outsource torture.

At bottom, politics has rough principles of honesty.  Everything in politics consists of verbal agreements; you’re only as good as your word.  With fellow politicians and with the public.  Everyone knows to discount a certain amount of verbal hyperbole, but the bait-and-switch that is the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika is the result of three politicians that don’t have the grounding that there are a lot of people who still value the fact that your word is your bond. 

In Chicago, there is essentially a breakdown of the rule of law.  A cynisicism governs all things public; born of a knowledge that everything is for sale.  And, it creates a seperation between those who nominally hold the public trust and those for whom they govern.  there exists a seperateness that politicians live in their own world and the subjects do what they can, after paying tribute, to keep government at arm’s length.  So inured is Chicago to this attitude that a politician like Obama can assume that this is just business as usual.  But, outside Chicago, outside safely Gerrymandered congressional districts are people who will look upon the lies of these insulated politicians and vote to counter these liars. 

The Last Temptation of Christ, er, Barack

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama by Eugene Podrazik on January 30, 2009

When Obama arrived in the Senate and almost simultaneously started his run for President, he lived in a different world.  His was a world of essentially unbroken prosperity since the Reagan presidency starting in 1981.  Mr. Obama is part of that demographic in which people have spend most if not all of their adult lives, if not their entire lives, in an era of unbroken prosperity.  

In a similiar fashion, the high school class of 1972 was the last to face the prospect of the draft.  And, again we have a demographic that simply does not know war.  Not to in any denigrate the sacrifice of any of our servicemen, but the sum total of combat casualties from 1972 to the present was easily and tragically exceeded in a matter of days, if not a day, on many occasions in our countries military history.  Antietam.  Gettysburg.  Tarawa.  D-Day.  Ardennes, December 1944.  Iwo Jima.  Okinawa.  Again, a whole demographic has spent their lives, never contemporaneously, experiencing through their peers the combat experiences that other generations of Americans experienced.

So, we have a unique bubble in American history of peace and prosperity that probably has no parallel in American history; and probably in world history.  And, it bred a conceit that allowed many Americans to indulge in fantasies that the good times would roll on forever and we could always count on ever more and ever more.  We could engage in conceit of environmentalism that have us believe that we could regulate our carbon emissions and control our climate.  We could overthrow our hydrocarbon based economy and indulge in wind and solar power.  We could outsource all of our icky jobs, like drilling for oil, to some no-account third world country, expect cheap energy, and feel good about our environmental sensitivity because we swept that dirty activity under the rug and out of sight at our oh-so chic Starbucks.

Indeed, Obama sensed an opportunity to expand on these conceits in using discontent over the refusal to face up to the realities of our civilizational conflict with Islamic imperalism to gain the Oval Office.  But, to do so in a bait-and-switch fashion, to use the power of the office and the prosperity of Reagan’s economic policies, to create a European-style cradle-to-grave social democracy.  This was to be the culmination of the long march started by the 60’s radicals, like Ayers and Hillary Clinton, to finally put one of their own into the Oval Office.  We would finally do away with the evils of Reagan’s economic policies, our “Rambo” foreign policy, terminate the “war on terror” by abject dhimmhitude and deliver our national  sovereignty to the UN as its most loyal vassal.  But, this whole slight of hand would work in the era of good times and prosperity.  

But, on or about September 15, last year was the economic implosion caused by the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.  Courtesy, in part, by the corruption of his former employer, ACORN.  The economic crisis won him the presidential election that was to that point a toss-up.  But, the economic assumptions, the prosperity and the conceits that were Obama’s world and world view for all of his adult life were overturned.  The factor that won the election also gave Obama a radically altered world that he never experienced.

Now, the economic crisis, like war, has taken on a life of its own.  In doing so, this crisis is creating it own demands; demands that do not fit the agenda that existed prior to September 15th.

So, now Obama finds himself not in FDR’s shoes, but in Hoover’s shoes trying to operate in this new economic environment.  And, if he’s any student of history, it was Hoover, who spent three years of his presidency trying to do something that turned a recession into the depression.  And, like the Great Depression, this economic crisis and downturn has its roots in extremely injudicious governmental meddling. 

Obama’s spent his life using other people’s money.  So, he’s got exactly zero experience in what it takes to create wealth.  And, wealth creation is the only thing that will secure his legacy, a positive one that is.   But, he’s got people around him who know how.  His rich donors all know how or inherited wealth from ancestors who knew how.  Even his trust fund baby supporters should know that the size of those monthly trust fund checks are very dependent on the success of the underlying investments.

But, between those two giant ears buzzes a brain of a stone-cold socialist.  And, true to his baby boomer self, there remains a need to have it all–great legacy, peace on earth through surrender, socialist America, obeisance to the UN, world government.  An updated McGovernite world view of abortion, amnesty and acid.

So, while he needs to be paying off the 700 billion dollar TARP infusion of cash with economic growth policies, there is an internal conflict in Obama.  There is the inner Obama, the socialist Obama, that knows all the right answers and must have everyone marching lock-step to his patently and obviously correct world view.  There beats a heart that cannot trust that others actually have ideas of their own that are equally good.  Nor can he trust others to work out their own problems.  Yet, Obama’s legacy will hang in the balance on whether he can trust individual anonymous Americans, who through their own hard work, will lift up our economy again.  Or, will he place his legacy in the hands of people like Speaker Pelosi.  It simply runs against his Ivy-league roots to trust the entrepreneurial spirit of Joe-the-plumber over, say, our oh-so-polished oh-so-sophisticated tax-cheat Treasury Secretary.

Steven Chu, our new Energy Secretary, is symptomatic of the elite midnight dorm-room bull session governance we are going to be getting.  Here’s a guy who’s going to push energy policy into the arena of hair-brain and exorbitantly expensive alternatives in the name of the fraud that is man-made global warming.  Like the fraud of eugenics, global warming has become a political and social movement; because it factual, scientific basis is in tatters.  A century ago, eugenics was quite the rage.  It garnered support from the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow wilson, John Maynard Keynes, Margaret Sanger (a founder of Planned Parenthood) and Winston Churchill.  Funding from the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institute. And, now, history repeats with a new pseudo-scientific fraud that has as it principle argument support from the social register A-list.  

But, it goes further than that.  Like Obama, you’ve got a guys like Chu who know or is going to find the right answer.  Moreover, they have a monopoly on that right answer.

Wind power has been around  for centuries, since medieval Europe.  Solar power has been around for the better part of a century.  We’ve had steam cars and electric cars since the inception of the horseless carriage a century ago.  There’s nothing really new under the sun.  Every modern railroad locomotive is a diesel engine powering a generator to supply electricity to motor that turn the locomotive’s wheels.  Kinda like a Prius with steel wheels on rails.

But, in their conceit, Obama and his acolytes seem to think that they have an answer for our energy and transportation need that somehow has managed to elude thousands upon thousands of people who now work in our energy and transportation sectors.  The gasoline and diesel powered internal combustion engine dominates because it works the best.  If there were a better solution, someone, in the last century would have hit on it.  Would have hit on it long before the holy inspirational glow of  Obama shone forth from the Oval Office.

So, now we have a “stimulus” package that is going to run over Obama’s legacy like a freight train roaring along at 70 miles per hour.  It is a package that is so monstrous that it’s  a caricature of the tax-and-spend liberal.  It isn’t long before  the term “welfare queen” comes back into common parlance. And, soon after that, the silent juxtaposition of the work “black.”  Obama, for the sake of his legacy better watch that one.

But, the silver lining is that this egregious overreach on the part of Pelosi will so damage the credibility of the Democrats that this bill is the only thing the Democrats are going to get past before inflationary pressures of loose money and trillions of federal spending ignite inflation the likes we haven’t seen since Carter.

The 850 Billion Dollar Annenberg Challenge

Posted in corruption, democratic party, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on January 19, 2009

Obama discussed a 700 billion dollar economic stimulus package.  But, intimated that he would be okay with even more.  Congress obliged by rolling Obama with a 850 billion spending spree.  Here’s some of the details from Power Line.  If such a package were going to build infrastructure, we’d at least have something to show for this spending blow-out.  But, this money will line the pockets of favored groups and friends.  And, will leave precious little to show in terms of actual accomplishments.  

Or, should I say that 850 billion dollars will be pissed away and we will have only the inflation that will rack our economy, in about a year, as the only residual for this spending.  

But, Obama has lots of experience in spending other people’s money and making sure that there is nothing to show. Or, at least nothing to show in upsetting the status quo.  That experience was his co-chairing the Annenberg Challenge with his buddy Bill Ayers.  He managed to oversee the disbursement of 100 million dollars without affecting the quality of public education in Chicago one whit.  What he really did, the good Chicago machine foot soldier he was, was to spread 100 million dollars of graft to the friends of the Chicago machine.

So, what we have is a replay of the same graft distribution; just several orders of magnitude greater.  There will be no leadership on Obama’s part.  Just the distribution of graft and largess.  Obama’s well practiced in that art.

Obama’s Legacy; It Ain’t Nancy’s Problem

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The Democratic overreaching begins. It looks like Waxman is going to oust Dingell as chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. What we have is the hard left of the Democratic party driving policy; in this case energy policy with complete obeisance to the environmentalists. Translation, global warming with cap and trade.

So, just when the economy is tanking, we’re going to be faced with artificially high energy prices to “encourage” us to switch to “alternate, green” energy. This encouragement will be in the form of the return of four-dollar plus gasoline. If this represents a pattern we’ll see more killer tax and spending policies coming out of other parts of Pelosi’s Congressional Empire.  

Obama’s, like pirate Jack Sparrow, has just been tossed up on a desert isle with a pistol and one bullet. He’s all alone. What Obama will have to realize is that his getting into subsidized housing on 1600 Pennsylvania is all and the entire bone that the Democratic leadership is willing to give to its black constituency. As far as they’re concerned, the legacy of Obama is getting elected. Whether he’s successful in his own right is not their problem.

From Pelosi’s and Reid’s point-of-view, picking off enough Republican Senate and Congressional seats and putting Obama in the White House was to give them the running room to pass their agenda. And, in particular, before any backlash in the 2010 mid-term elections, jam as much stuff through this two-year window of opportunity. For Pelosi in particular, and her power barons in the House leadership, being almost immune to any voter backlash, they will have their agenda and to hell with the other rats, Democratic and Republican, on the sinking ship. Obama’s going to have to realize he’s one of those rats that Pelosi could give a rat’s ass about.

Obama’s no longer from a safe seat. His legacy, if he wants a positive one, will require more that being a first in the form of high melanin content. He will need a track record of accomplishment to secure a real place in the history books. A record of accomplishment that will secure him a second term. A record of accomplishment that will allow him to retain running room with regards to working with congress. A record of accomplishment that will allow him to pull a country out of a recession and not degenerate into a depression; and not have his one-term presidency tarred as Hoover II (or Carter II).

In short, Obama will need to realize that he no longer lives in the bubble of pre-ordained elections of the Chicago Democratic machine. He needs to truly in the center and start playing football between the 40 yard lines. Frankly, he need Senator McConnell, his GOP caucus and enough blue-dog Democrats to form a governing coalition. Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer, Frank, Rangell are not his friends. 

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ACORN and Honest Elections

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One of the brilliant features of the electoral college is a built-in check against voter fraud. Or, to make fraud truly effective, one would need to do so in 51 different geographical locations. Even with ACORN going national, that’s still a daunting task. The simple fact is that stealing votes in Chicago will only net the electors of Illinois, no matter how many votes cast in Chicago. Whereas if presidential elections were done by popular vote, every fraudulent vote would count.

But, were ACORN and their allies can truly cause damage is in the three remaining and undecided elections for the Senate; Alaska, Georgia and Minnesota. Here we have elections close enough that fraudulent activities of even a few thousand votes, or a few hundred in Minnesota, can make a difference. A difference, indeed, since these three elections will determine whether the GOP can mount meaningful opposition to the legislative testosterone of the Democratic majorities of the House and Senate with a compliant Oval Office.

The last time the Democrats had a filibuster proof Senate was the 95th congress of 1977-79. The one that, with Carter at the helm, gave us the Community Development Act, the origin of the current subprime mortgage mess. 

Already, there are signs of a stolen election in Minnesota. Given a vote differential of only 500 votes, this one is an easy one to steal especially since the Minnesota Secretary of State is a creature of ACORN. And, indeed, one hundred votes here and one hundred vote there start to pop up for Frankin. How convenient since the entire process is counted electronically by an optical scanner.

If this was such a transformational election, then Senate and House majorities would have reflected such. But, using Obama’s vote tallies, he got on 52% in another 50-50 nation election. He’s the first Democratic candidate to even break 50% since Carter in 1976–32 years ago. And, frankly, the three remaining Senate contests would have swept Democratic. But, it didn’t. It didn’t because there may have been a temper tantrum to throw punish the party that currently holds the White House, but there isn’t a socialist mandate.

As tight as they may be, those elections and the check of filibuster must stand. To overturn these elections by fraud will slowly create a lawless that stems a society wide disrespect for the rule of law. You only need to travel to Chicago, were a century or more of corrupt Democratic machine politics creates such a causal disregard for the law. Due process is reduced to cutting deals, lubricated by cash. Elections are pre-ordained; the real outcome being determined in the Democratic primary. It is not a place that attracts new economic growth. It is a very expensive place to live. It coasts on the momentum of being, for the present, the 3rd largest city in the country. For a bright young federal prosecutor, a treasure trove of corruption convictions to burnish any career.

What with a beyond biased MSM, shady fund raising, questionable past associations never truly vetted, this election was rigged enough to call into question, even Obama’s victory. It needs to end on at least the positive note, that in these three remaining elections, of some modicum of integrity of an honest ballot. 

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Market Wisdom and the Discounting of the Democrats

Posted in biden, democratic party, economics, main stream media, mccain, obama, palin, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 26, 2008

The Market slide continues.  The MSM has successfully hidden a lot of the truth of Obama and his socialist, that is, Democratic Party fellow travelers.  But, the markets don’t lie and the truth is slowly leaking out.  Unfortunately, while a lie will travel half way around the world while the truth is just saddling up.  And, one week till the election is just too short a time for the truth to truly resonate.

What is being discounted?  Foremost is the slow accretion of policies that have diverged from the simple message of Reagan of low taxes and low regulation. 

First, the markets are discounting the fundamental deceit of socialism.  The whole premise of socialism is using the coercive power of government to take from what are deemed less deserving groups and giving what is taken to what are deemed more deserving groups.  What is deemed more or less deserving is entirely left to the whim of the self-made philosopher kings of Obama and his party stalwarts.  

But, in making those distinctions, some how a lot of cash manages to remain in the pockets of those philosopher kings.  Like Franklin Raines recent multi-million dollar condo purchase.  Like Obama’s 1.5 million dollar mansion with some discounting courtesy Rezko and a sweet heart mortgage.  Like Michele’s job promotion and a doubling her salary to $300,000 per annum.  Like the hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign cash to each of the Democrat congressional leaders from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Or, the special loans to Dodd, Senator from the great state of Countrywide.  This is no different than the Communist Party leaders of the old USSR being whisked to work in their Zil limousines or spending their weekends in their country dachas. 

This is crony capitalism.  Or, for a party hacks like Obama, this is Chicago Machine party graft and favors.  Obama mastered that system and is being richly rewarded.

Restraint in taxing and spending is dictated by maintaining a delicate symbiosis between the host that is the private sector and the parasite that is the government.  It about fleecing your sheep to within an inch of their lives; yet keep your sheep alive to so as to have something to continue to fleece.

There was a very successful economic paradigm established by Reagan that the Democrats managed to destroy by their corruption.  Now they are on the verge of seizing power trying to sell the proposition that the current economic crisis is a failure of free market economics.  Only, the markets are not buying that the what has worked so well for the last thirty years is now suddenly decrepit and will be replace by a socialist economic paradigm that will, in spite of its abysmal record over the last century, all of a sudden perform in a manner that will completely belie its past performance.

The next issue is energy.  This is tightly tied to the conceit of environmentalism and it current bandwagon of global warming.  And, this will be one of the principal vehicles to burden our economy with regulations that will allow  economic micro-management right down to the carbon footprint of the weed whacker in your garage.  It will also create vast opportunities for graft and favors as business, large and small, will need to pay tribute to the cap-and-trade commissars that will stand astride all business and economic aspirations of all of our Joe-the-Plumbers.

Attempt after attempt has been made to come up with a rational energy policy that have been stymied by the very forces that now threaten to control the White House and both houses of Congress.  In fact, if it weren’t political suicide, you’d have European style gas taxes and five, six, seven dollar per gallon gas years ago.  In fact, for many of these same Democrats, the four-dollar per gallon gas of last summer was a dream come true.

All of this mess concerning energy comes down to down the line opposition to domestic offshore drilling; we couldn’t have oil derricks spoiling the view from all of the multi-million Malibu mansions of Barack’s Hollywood donors.  No ANWR, oil shale or nuclear power.  Detroit’s big three auto manufacturers were actually in the process of recovery until this latest energy crunch and four-dollar gas totally upended those plans.  And, even before the mortgage crisis really hit, high priced energy, due to this purposeful inaction, was already starting to drag down our economy.

Third factor that the market is discounting is that the Democratic leadership about to take control is economically ignorant.  As in rank ignorance.  Both Obama and Biden never worked out side of a career that involved spending other people’s money. Obama’s career has been organizing vote fraud through his connections at ACORN.  Or, working with his pal Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to distribute $100 million in graft.

Biden graduated from law school in 1969 and was elected to the Senate in 1972; a man who has spent his entire adult life as a Senator.  For the last 36 years, for essentially all his life, Biden has drawn a paycheck from the Senate; his only job. A community organizer with the honorific of “Senator.”

McCain has been in government employ for all of his life–Naval officer, congressman, senator.  But, he has the decency to at least not presume to tell others how to live their lives or earn their livings.  He has the decency, in private economic affairs, to keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself.

And, Palin; probably one of the few politicians on the Washington scene who isn’t a millionaire.  Probably one of the few politicians who’s net worth is comfortably this side of $500,000.  A politician, who with her husband, actually ran a business.

We have a whole Democratic hierarchy who simply has no clue as to what Joe-the-plumbers go through on a day to day basis to juggle business demands, payrolls, rent, taxes, and the like.  Obama’s proposal to grant a $3000 tax credit two years running for every new job created amply demonstrates this vast void of economic understanding. 

From my point of view, as a small businessman, a new employee will cost my business $50,000 to $70,000 per year.  For my practice to hire a nurse will cost about $25 per hour.  That works out to $1000 per week; or $50,000 per year.  Then you add in medical benefits, Social Security, safe-harbor 401K contributions and you’re easily adding another $20,000.  Barack’s proposed $3000 chickens–t check is not going to sway a single business to add a single job.

Or, again the ridicule heaped on Joe-the-Plumber, by Biden, for the temerity to have aspirations in excess of $250,000 again reflects a complete ignorance as to what it takes to run a business.  Even in “small” business, $250,000 is not a lot of money.  Between trucks, tools, inventory, shop facilities, employee wages and warehousing $250,000 gets eaten up very rapidly.  Remember, business expenses have to be paid up front; you don’t maintain inventory on consignment.

Economic knowledge for the likes of Obama and Biden was having supply and demand concepts learned in Econ 101 deconstructed by some Marxist professor.  For much of the claque that seems poised to run the White House and both Houses of Congress, intellectual discourse is the college dorm room bull sessions now continued in the Hamptons over white wine and brie.  Indeed, what passes for profound intellectual insight, is really abject fear over getting knocked off the social A-list for uttering the truth that Adam Smith economics still matters.  That, what Joe-the-Plumber says actually reflects the real truth about basic economic concepts so derided by many an ivory-towered intellectoid professor.

Then, we get into the intrusion of the outside world.  After Russia’s invasion of Georgia this summer, we have two rogue powers–Russia and Iran–that have control of significant portions of known oil production from the Artic Circle to the Straits of Hormuz.  One of those powers is already nuclear.  The other, in the grips of an Islamic death cult, is perhaps only a year away. 

What if Iran detonates a nuclear weapon over an American carrier task force in the Persian Gulf?  What will Obama’s reaction be?  Will he be prepared to mitigate the sudden rise in energy prices?  Will he be willing to acknowledge an act of war as such?  Will he be willing to then act in a manner appropriate to an act of war?  The markets know, just as does the MSM, what the real response will be; except the market are not hiding the answer.

William F. Buckley, Jr. once remarked, to the effect, that he rather be ruled by the first one hundred names out of the Cambridge phone directory that by the Harvard faculty.  In that vein, the markets are saying the same; that they rather be ruled by the likes of Sarah Palin and Joe-the-Plumber than by the Georgetown cocktail circuit.

In the end, the only way out of this crisis is the promotion of economic growth.  You know, the boring mantra a low taxes, low regulation and free trade.  It just hasn’t the sparkle to get you into the Getty digs like Barack last spring. This is one of those situation where the more you do, the worse it gets.  In some respect, you get a perverse pleasure in the prospect that the guilty parties will have the full responsibility of this economic mess thrust upon them.  And, Obama will have the unique opportunity to create a legacy that will double up on Carter and Hoover.




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The ACORN Democrats

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 17, 2008

To go back to the Hayek basics, socialism is nothing more than an arbitrary group of people deciding that one group of people, including themselves, are more deserving of some “good” than some other group of people. Then use the coercive power of government to transfer that “good” from the less deserving to the more deserving. Like transferring wealth to the blond, blue-eyed Aryans. Transferring land from the despicable kulaks to the deserving proletariat. Or, free homes as reparations from the racist banks and money lenders. As an aside, it just occurred to me, with Jessie Jackson bravely blazing the trail, it will soon be politically correct to utter the word “Zionist” and the words “money lender” in direct juxtaposition. 

Ultimately, socialism is prostitution. It is selling your birthright of freedom, dignity and principles for the mess of pottage by joining the group that will take, for themselves, what they never really earned. Oh, yes, such takings will be rationalized by all sorts of imagined grievances. In fact, we have whole universities devoted to just that theorizing; by studying the holy scriptures of Karl Marx.

Socialism is the perfect ideology for the Walter Mitty-types; inconsequential twits, who wouldn’t get the time of day, now have the ability to exert influence grossly out of proportion to any real work or contribution to truly deserve such influence. This is why we have academia; these are sheltered workshops for the psycho-socially handicapped.

In the spirit of Lenin, where any action that further socialism is good, we have ACORN systematically destroying the concept of the secret ballot. They, in their minds, are in the pursuit of such holiness that systematic cheating is their perogrative. And, so they register, and will try to vote, illegal aliens, Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

And, as they unburden the less deserving of their purported ill-gotten wealth, some how a whole bunch of the money somehow winds up in their pockets. Carrying cost, don’t you know. Everyone in the Democratic party doesn’t come to Washington rich, but everyone seems to leave quite well off. By doing good for the unwashed proletariat, the Democratic elite seem to do well. Not bad for the party of the “working man.” Obama’s barely been a Senator for two years and he’s got a 1.5 million dollar mansion. pretty good for a ward heeler, er, community organizer.

Except, the working man just doesn’t seem to get it. Joe the plumber was supposed to fulfill his role in Plato’s Republic as the foil to his philosopher king; to the great compassion of the “One” as he graced his working class neighborhood with the luminescence of his understanding for the plight of the “common” man. Joe the plumber was supposed to realize he was to serve as a prop in the Potemkin village of Obama’s socialist narrative as he ascended to the White House. But, Joe had the unbelievable temerity to open his mouth and blaspheme the holiness that is Obama.

Remember those old Charles Atlas don’t-let-the-bullies-kick-sand-in-your-face? You know Obama would make a great model for the before picture. And, Joe or Todd (Palin) would be perfect for the after picture. Frankly, Obama’s just the dweeb that the likes of Joe or Todd worked over in the alley behind the bar. Obama, just walked into the wrong bar and opened his mouth. Joe took him out back and taught him some manners.

I Feel My Lifetime Piling Up

Posted in democratic party, economics, main stream media, mccain, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 17, 2008

So, goes the line from the Talking Heads. As in Obama’s lifetime. 

It is still mystifying as to why Obama, in the midst of this financial meltdown still fails to close the deal and utterly pull away. There’s no doubt this is a Democratic year. Polls for the House and Senate paint some very scary scenarios for the GOP, including a filibuster proof Democratic majority. Yet, Obama in a number of polls is only barely out of the statistical margin of error.  Was it McCain by staying even that actually won the last debate?

Probably the biggest reason, despite the mighty efforts of the MSM to conceal, is that Obama’s past is finally starting to leak out and a vetting process is only starting to begin. Suddenly, in the last three weeks the underbelly of Obama past is starting to pile up.

The sub-prime crisis is still a big millstone around the GOP’s neck. But, the corruption, facilitated by the Democratic party, is finally beginning to register. One of the biggest players in setting the stage for the sub-prime crisis, ACORN, is also being implicated in systematic voter fraud. This is the same organization the Obama’s campaign funneled $800,000 to for voter registration. There may be a lot of scared folks who want to “throw the bums out.” But their actions are checked by the fact that many are 401K owners who display a good deal of sophistication with regards to things of Wall Street. 

Then, there’s the situation when Obama’s mask really slipped, when we told Joe the plumber he wanted to spread the wealth around.

Responsible vetting would have tossed Obama on the trash heap sometime last February. But, Obama and his MSM enablers managed to try to keep his true bona fides hidden till almost the election. Yet, with the game clock under two minutes, the past starts to leak out. The truth of a very ordinary and very venial Chicago Machine politician starts to come to the fore.

So, where do we stand. First, we are driving with the windows painted over. With the MSM so in the tank for Obama, we frankly have no way of gauging Obama’s and McCain’s relative standings. Even the polls are suspect since many of them have MSM sources for clients. You think that the NYT is going to commission a poll that says that McCain is kicking Obama’s butt?

Then, we have the pundits and the like. They judge the debates as professionals judging professionals. Even the folks at Power Line, whom I respect, are lawyers judging the performance of another lawyer. Mr. Katz of Urgent Agenda judges debate performances with the eye of a show business professional. And, I’d have to agree that Obama puts on a very smooth, professional performance. Show business and particularly law are peopled with self-selecting folks who first cut their teeth on the high school debate team. But, do others really look at this election as scoring points on the debate team for a technical knock out? 

But, as the seamy truth continues to leak out, when does smooth and professional become oily and slick? When does metro-sexual cool become cold and calculating? And, the fine line between smooth and professional and oily and slick became a chasm when Obama confronted Joe the plumber. We found that the emperor really had no clothes when Joe, of bitter America, showed up the One for the BS artist he really is.

Conventional wisdom tells you that the GOP should really get shellacked in this election. But, you have so much of America that’s been systematically dissed by Obama and his fellow travelers. The PUMA’s. Women who may not agree with Palin but are profoundly insulted by her treatment by the MSM. The “bitter” Americans. The Joe the plumbers who have no interest in European class warfare but have plans to be their own bosses. 

You talk to folks around you. You begin to sense a change and a shift. Its not statistics, just a feeling. Its going to be a cliff hanger right to the end. But, you sense McCain is going to pull this win out at the last minute. 

DJIA Presidential Poll and the Discounting of Obama

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 15, 2008

So much for that stock market rally last Monday. For the markets, the financial meltdown is all old news. And, unless McCain shows some real fireworks tonight, so is the election.

The stock market will have its ups and downs. The market had many a rally all during the Great Depression; in fact it rallied right after Black Thursday. But, what is really happening is that the market is now adjusting to the Obama/Ried/Pelosi troika that will likely rule the roost come next January. The market has settled to a new equilibrium between 8000 and 9000. I suspect it will slowly dwindle to 7000 over the next two years. I don’t know if it has already accounted for the possibility of a filibuster-proof Senate. If not, the markets will sink even lower.

What the markets have discounted is a high tax, high inflation, high regulation environment that will come with the new year. We can look forward to massive income transfers from the private sector to the public sector in the form of cap and trade and some sort of attempt at socialized medicine.

Economic policy for Obama and his fellow travelers is taking from your enemies and rewarding your friends. What is coming is a group of self-made philosopher kings that represent the Democratic party leadership who will, al la F. A. Hayek, be picking and choosing favored groups that deserve more of whatever “good” that a society may have and gives that “good” to that group; having taken it from those groups determined to be less “deserving.”

Or, to put it another way, we’re going to have Chicago Machine patronage style economic policy. That is, a parasitic economic policy that feeds off the productive elements of society to generate favors for favored constituent groups. Economic restraint in this circumstance is the maintenance of a symbiotic host/parasite relationship so as not to kill off the host. This is the state of affairs in such places as New York or California. States that lurch from one fiscal crisis to the next with each annual budget mark up. Places no longer known from economic dynamism or growth. Places like upstate New York that were the economic powerhouses of Westinghouse, Kodak, Corning and Xerox are a distant memory. In fact, states like California or New York no longer fall into the Red State/Blue State paradigm. Rather, they fall into the Black Hole State category where all economic “light” is sucked into a vortex of taxing and spending as these states lurch from fiscal year to fiscal year trying to scrape enough cash to support what has degenerated into a social services economy.  

People like the Ohio plumber who’s wealth Obama wanted to “spread around” are the true face of small business and very likely one of those  $250,000 plus plutocrats (probably kulak in Obama’s socialist lexicon) that need to be slapped down for being too successful. This seemingly “insignificant” small business can easily capitalize into over a million dollars per year. These mom-and-pop business may not look like much, but their appearance can greatly belie the extent of wealth creation and economic growth they truly represent. This plumber could eventually have all kinds of money tied up in tools, inventory, an office, shop and possibly a warehouse. But, instead of being on the forefront of creating new jobs, this guy is going to be cutting back on new hires and capital improvements. His money is going to be sucked away to pay for Obama’s new spending initiatives. He’s going to be contending with all sorts of new health care insurance mandates. And, unless he’s in cozy with the powers that be, under the new cap and trade mandates he not going to expand his business because his carbon footprint will be determined to be bigger than Hill’s thighs and Gore’s butt put together. He may even have to worry about the his safety, and that of his family, when union thugs come by to card check his workers. 

The Dow fell about 700 points today and the DJIA now sits at about 8600 points. This is the new equilibrium for an economy resigned to the Obama Chicago Machine patronage economic management. 

Weathering the Storm

Posted in democratic party, economics, mccain, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 12, 2008

There’s a scene, in the movie 300, in which the Spartans come under a massive arrow attack by the Persian archers; the “we’ll fight in the shade” scene. The Spartans have no choice but to dive under their shields to weather the attack.

So, it was with McCain when the sub-prime mortgage mess hit last September. In some respects, though staying engaged, this is all McCain could do. And, as execrable as cutting a deal with Pelosi was, McCain had to staunch the blood, go to Washington and move negotiations forward with regards to a “bail-out” package. Had he not, the Democrats would have put together the ultimate ACORN voter fraud bail-out and dragged the whole mess right up to November 4th.

Well, McCain can come out from under his shield.  If he’s going to win this election, he’s going to have to go front and center and name names.  Starting with Obama. He’s got one last crack on national TV without the filter of MSM bias with the last debate. At that debate he’s going to have to systematically place the corruption of this melt down squarely in the laps of the Democrats.

At that debate, and for the rest of this campaign, McCain needs to keep repeating the rogues gallery of democrats responsible for this mess by protecting their corruption honey pot at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, ACORN and the Senator from Countrywide, Dodds.

In fact, at the next and last debate, no matter what the question, the answer is Obama-Democrats-Corruption-ACORN-Freddie-Fannie. Even if the question is “did the sun rise in the east this morning?”

And, McCain’s got to stop his moderate bi-partisanship. His own father once said that history was made by poker players and not analysts. He’s the leader of the GOP and he’s going to have to stand and fight for a very partisan world-view of less taxes and less government. 

Right now, we don’t need moderates like Admiral David Farragut who, at the battle of Mobile Bay, was famous for the line: “Torpedos? Oh, heavens! Please proceed slowly and cautiously.”



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Party Like It’s 1979

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama by Eugene Podrazik on October 10, 2008

What Ronald Reagan gave us in economic opportunity has now been beaten to a pulp by a slow and relentless assault from the Democratic Party. I’ll leave conspiracy theories to others, but, at every opportunity, what Reagan gave us by low taxes and regulation has been eaten away by new spending, higher taxes and more regulation. It has been a program to eliminate the prosperity of the private sector in order to force more and more people to depend on the government for their material well-being. Dostoevsky said that money is coined liberty; this concept the Democrats well appreciate and despise.

The first big issue was energy. In fact this issue was dragging on the economy even before the sub-prime mortgage crisis really hit. There has been a systematic policy to prevent bringing new domestic energy sources on line for the last 30 years. It just isn’t oil exploration. It’s nuclear power as well. And, while the GOP has pandered to the NIMBY’s and otherwise tried to pose as “green,” much of the high prices for energy are based on demand far outstripping supply. That, in turn, was due to  stopping the development of oil shale, off-shore drilling, ANWR, and nuclear power by the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the environmental movement.

Then we layer on the interlocking corruption of the Democrats, the Community Reinvestment Act, ACORN, Freddie and Fannie. The free market fundamentals were just fine. It was the enormous intrusion of governmental corruption that is tanking the economy.

Finally, we have the same corrupt players from the Democratic party now set to greatly expand their power by taking the White House and expanding their power on Capitol Hill. Such a power grab only points to a high tax, high spending and high regulation environment that the markets are now violently discounting.

These asinine economic and energy policies are layering on in ever quickening succession and have managed to destroy the last 30 years of economic growth in the last three weeks. 

We haven’t even started on a foreign policy that may very well give us a nuclear Iran and a nuclear arms race in the Persian Gulf. There to will be imposed a stiff price; this in treasure and in blood.

Welcome to 1979. Welcome to double digit inflation and unemployment. Welcome to stagflation. Say hello to bracket creep. The “hollow” military is just around the corner. I can only shake my head at the brave servicemen who will die in another Desert One debacle. I would hazard to guess that most people under the age of 50 probably would give you a blank stare at any of these terms.

So, since 1980, America has been trending from red to blue. The trend happened for a reason. Life got too good and too soft. A whole generation of Americans have literally grown up without knowing what war really is; like 22,000 soldiers dead in a single day at Anteitam. A whole generation has grown up knowing nothing but economic prosperity. So, prosperous if fact, we thought we could give away free houses courtesy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This bill for this corruption will have to be paid. All the bailout package did was start to give us a rough idea as to the true cost of this corruption. Obama, as the first UN Secretary General to occupy the Oval Office will have some choices. If he chooses to run this recession/depression as a Chicago-style patronage fiefdom, his legacy as the second black president (Clinton was first) will change to that of Barak Hoover.

If he’s as smart as he’s cracked up to be, Obama will realize that the only way out of this mess is to promote economic and fiscal policies that promote growth. That means he’s going to have to throw Reid, Pelosi, Ayers, Wright and Rezko out the door, dust off his ouija board and start channeling Ronald Reagan.

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Whither the Dow and the Polls

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama by Eugene Podrazik on October 8, 2008

Obama’s ahead in the polls and the Dow closed down 189 at about 9250. The Dow is in the process of discounting the Obama presidency. It is discounting the high probability of a high tax, high inflation, high spending and high regulation environment that will greet the American economy this January. Further, the markets have a long memory. Like the Great Depression, the correct answer is gearing policy towards economic growth. See President Barack Hoover.

700 billion dollar bail out or no, the costs of Sallie and Freddie corruption comes with a price and will be paid. If not paid through economic growth, then in higher taxes, inflation or unemployment. The markets clearly see that the former will not be the preferred manner of dealing with this financial melt down.

People like to make comparisons with the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. Two facts stand out. First, FDR did not inherit the depression until 1932. It was Hoover’s baby from 1929 to 1932. Herein lies the trap for Obama, since his potential ascendency to the presidency in January 2009 will be contemporaneous with this economic downturn. It will be his recession or depression. Even as we speak, Bush is a memory.

The second fact, more ominously for long term economic recovery, was FDR never solved the Great Depression. He and his socialist “social engineers” used the crisis to have a field day in implementing all sort of programs that spun off great PR and for the short term enhancement of Democratic political power. The New Deal was just a program of rationing privation.

But, when faced with a must-win war, FDR knew, for the long term viability of the Democratic Party, that he could not trust his egg-head intellectoids. War was a matter that could only be entrusted to the private sector. In doing so, he won the war and solved the Great Depression. Obviously, FDR could have done the same thing eight years earlier. But, he didn’t for political calculation.

What will Obama, Pelosi and Reid do? Or, should I say Pelosi and Reid since they’re going to be running Obama. Very likely, the want to run another New Deal for as long as they can. Which means instead of trying to get the economy up and running as fast as possible, we can expect them to milk this crisis for as much political gain as possible.

This economic crisis is their ticket for power in the legislative and executive branches of government. And, the ticket to expand the reach of government into more areas of what was once a matter of private choice. And, it probably makes no difference to the likes of Pelosi and her fellow travelers as to the long term implications  of any new spending and entitlement programs they may try to piggy back on to the current financial crisis.



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What’s Flying Under the Radar

Posted in democratic party, gop, main stream media, mccain, obama by Eugene Podrazik on October 8, 2008

I missed the debate last night–again. I spent the evening going over math homework with my older daughter, reading with my younger daughter and then finished the night reading the fourth book of the Sisters Grimm to both of my daughters. Frankly, it beat watching Obama’s oleaginous delivery of platitudes that, if implemented, will further run our economy into the ground. 

Maybe it’s wishful thinking. And, maybe I’m falling prey to some conspiracy theory. But, I’m beginning to believe that the polls and the debates are just extensions of an MSM in the tank for Obama. Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past the MSM to have slipped the Obama camp some crib notes on the topics for the upcoming debates. He’s too smooth, too prepared. And, from To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ve got the comment that a lawyer never asks a question of the witness unless he know the answer. What answers does lawyer Obama know?

Then the polls. Who do these guys work for? Or, should I say that many of their polls are commissioned by any of a number of MSM outlets and are their results tailored for their clients? Are the polls reporting the news or there to create news; creating or continuing a narrative to create a specific outcome rather than just report on it.

The GOP is going to need to more systematically develop an alternate communication system. Talk radio and the internet are two key components. With all these papers tanking, maybe the GOP can pick a few of them up on the cheap. Said papers, could serve as summer internships budding conservative journalists.

And, the debates. With the possible exception of Ronald Reagan in October 1980, these affairs are at best break even for the GOP. The original Kennedy-Nixon debate turned out to be a campaign dirty trick; some one turned up the heat in the studio to make Nixon look sweaty, old and haggard. And, the GOP is not the party of fast-talking trial lawyers. If these dreadful affairs are going to continue, it time that the GOP insist that their people start moderating too. How about a prominent member of the media that draws 20 million listeners? How mainstream is that? If you’re going to call a tax-subsidized joke like PBS Lehrer mainstream, then Rush Limbaugh more than deserves to moderate.

But, where do we stand in this election? Frankly, only the GOP and Democratic internal polls know. I just know that I have a lot of casual conversations that have people casting doubt our Messiah, Obama. Yeah, I know that’s not statistically valid. But, neither is the MSM’s cooking the books.

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The Discounting of Obama

Posted in democratic party, economics, main stream media, obama by Eugene Podrazik on October 7, 2008

Polls have Obama up. And, I’ve even beginning to doubt the polls for their accuracy. After all, many of these polling firms contract out to major MSM outlets. So, you wonder as to whether these polls are commissioned to report news or to create news. Like everything else in the MSM, you no longer have an accurate take on the news. In many respects this election is like driving your car with the windows painted over.

But, with the Dow now below 10,000 you have one accurate poll on Obama’s performance. With real money on the line, the markets will always reflect the current state of the economy with unerring accuracy. 

What the markets detected was a governmental intrusion into the private sector that forced economically untenable mortgage assets into the free market by governmental fiat. This governmental intrusion was nothing but crony capitalism with the Democrats running interference for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And, the party that caused this mess stands to make large electoral gains with little to check their propensity to further intrude into the private sector.

It’s also interesting to see how international markets have tanked over the recent weeks. It seems that Obama may be Europe’s big rock star, but even Europe won’t bet a plug nickel on the Messiah.

The markets are expecting high taxes, high inflation and increased regulations come November fourth. I doubt we’ll see the Dow much above 9000, if we’re that lucky, for at least the next two years. Then, the Bush tax cuts will expire…

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Obama, Lies and Ayers II

Posted in democratic party, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 6, 2008

What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?  As in Bill Ayers. 

Again, I must emphasize that Obama and Ayers were the principal board members on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. This board disbursed on the order of 100 million dollars in its five or so years of existence. 

So, without doing the slightest digging there are two points that tie Obama most intimately to Ayers.

First, how did an obscure ward heeler, I mean community organizer, get plucked from obscurity to a role in overseeing 100 million dollars. When it comes to spreading graft in the Chicago Democratic political machine, none of this happens by chance. Someone had to know Obama and of his loyalty to the Chicago political machine. 

I would suggest that Ayers had a role in plucking Obama from obscurity. William Ayers had connections as the son of Thomas Ayers, president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison–the monopoly electrical supplier for Chicago and Northern Illinois. Who paid for the legal firepower that got son Billy off on a technicality? 

Secondly, by virtue of dispensing 100 million dollars, Obama and Ayers knew each other intimately. I submit that 100 million dollars is prime fasciae evidence of that fact. Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom fame couldn’t get away with he didn’t know what his CFO was doing. And, I’m not buying Ayers is, was or ever could be just a guy in the neighborhood.