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Palin Envy

Posted in biden, clinton, main stream media, obama, palin, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 12, 2008

It’s coming out of the mouth of Biden himself.  He’s flat out admitted that Hill would have been a better choice for veep. I guess if you’re buried and flattened by the Palin steamroller, you’ll do anything for publicity. Seriously, he’d so fallen off the media radar in the last week or so that I thought his picture was going to wind up on the side of a milk carton. Now more speculation of dumping Biden from the ticket for Hill or perhaps another woman politician. And, that’s not the first time that little story’s come up. Rush Limbaugh made mention of such rumors even before the GOP convention died down.

What is so funny about this will be the Ahab-like search for the liberal Sarah Palin by the Democrats. This going to be like the search for the liberal Rush Limbaugh that ended in the Air America/Al Franken debacle. In their frustration, the Democrats are calling for the restoration of the “fairness doctrine” to silence Rush.

Maybe the Democrats can have the Palin fairness doctrine. You can’t run a candidate like Palin unless the opposition can find a similarly dynamic woman with an equal number of kids and similar marksmanship bona fides.

The search for the liberal Palin will be in vain of course. Because Palin, unfettered by political correctness, unfettered by the compound mentality, unfettered by the abject fear of being banished from the bi-coastal social A-list, simply lived her life according to her best lights. Such women do not exist in liberal land.

Frankly, the novelty of a woman handling a gun with skill is not news in huge swaths of middle America. Likewise, a woman being active in the PTA, her church, on the local city council, serving as mayor are again, for most of middle America unremarkable. It was the MSM, swooning over these things that magnified them to the tsumni that is now washing away the Obama campaign. I pass over the inherent patronizing in such MSM coverage that many women find insulting. 

It only gets better (or worse) for Barry and Hill. By the time 2012 rolls around, both Barry and Hill are going to be so yesterday in the Democratic rush to find the this liberal Palin. The too desiccated Governor Sebelius won’t make the cut either.

In any event, Biden’s not going to last beyond October because (from Palin Facts):

         “Sarah Palin’s finishing move in the VP debate will be pulling Biden’s

       still beating heart from his chest & taking a bite.”

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President (of the World) Obama

Posted in clinton, main stream media, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 10, 2008

Drudge gives a a cross link via ABC News of an international poll done by the BBC that Obama is favored over McCain for president.  Maybe that’s news for the BBC and Reuters, but other than more MSM bias, why would ABC even regard this as news.

But, American Exceptionalism isn’t even on the radar for the folks at ABC.  Such America-is-full-of-rubes reporting is what keeps the top executives at ABC on the social invite A-list out in the Hamptons and Napa Valley. And, these same-said executives would never visit the hovel occupied by Obama’s half-brother without having a luxury hotel to flee to at the end of the day. Yet, the world’s opinion somehow should matter in a country that has been a stick in world’s eye ever since Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. The day the rest of the world really takes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as endowments from our Creator, seriously, is the day I’ll deign to listen.

You know, Obama will not be our first black president. That honor already goes to Bill Clinton. But, Obama, if elected, can claim the honor of the first UN General Secretary to occupy the Oval Office.  Or, maybe the first EU president in the White House.

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Thank You MSM

Posted in clinton, democratic party, edwards, gop, main stream media, obama, politics, republican party, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 5, 2008

McCain’s going to win.  All because of faulty vetting by the MSM of the Democratic party.  As much as the liberal bias of the MSM has been an undying source of frustration to the GOP, the beneficial result has been to weaken the Democrats and strenghten the GOP.  The MSM has been relentless in scrubbing the GOP of its weaker members by enthusically reporting every and any lapse by any conservative.  The net result is a contingent of GOP politicians that are really tough in a very Darwinian sense.

The other result is that the Dems have a lot of deadwood piled up in their ranks.  This is no better demonstrated by this presidential election cycle.  

First, you have “love child” Edwards.  Had McCain been Edwards shoes, the NYT would not have been so diffident in reporting this “minor” picidillo.  It would have been front page news one nanosecond after the union of sperm and ovum.  Frankly, the Dems were fortunate that Edwards didn’t catch fire. Can you imagine the problems for the Dems if that news broke at the convention and he was the nominee?  Those styrofoam pillars would have taken on a whole new meaning.  To paraphrase Dolly Parton:  “you don’t trust no southern backwoods lawyer.”

Then, there’s Hill.  Probably the strongest of the very shallow Dem bench.  But again, what did she have to offer? A lawyer from Arkansas who owes her entire career to a name she acquired through marriage.  Some feminist.

Finally, Barry.  Anyone who knows anything about Democratic machine politics in Chicago will smell another machine politician from ten miles off.  Any participation in Chicago machine politics makes you dirty automatically. All of your associates have skeletons in their closets. Rezko. Ayers. Wright.  I know.  I grew up there. I have relatives who were patronage workers.  

But, while the MSM was “vetting” Sarah Palin by trashing her 17 year-old daughter (Bristol’s not even old enough to vote), the MSM failed for decades to vet its own (face it, they’re a wholly owned Democratic party subsidiary). Leaving the Democratic party unable to field candidates any better than Love Child, Hill and Barry.

Then Barry picks Biden.  What’s Biden done?  Just gets re-elected and re-elected so he built up enough seniority to wind up as chair of the foreign relations committee.  Foreign policy experience; try peter principle.

Finally, in the spirit of enlightened self-interest, the MSM has been the their own worst enemy in promoting their liberal agenda.  Moreover, it has badly tarnished its own brand name.  The MSM is increasingly being discounted as an accurate source of news.  And, by its bias, it has stimulated the rise of alternate sources of news and information.  What was it?  Twenty-four hours before the internet demolished Dan Rather?

There is a reason that stock prices for such propaganda organs such as the NYT are sinking faster than a drowning polar bear in the globally-warmed, ice-free Arctic.  That reason is that people will pay, and pay well, for information.  As in accurate information.  But, people will not pay for propaganda; propaganda is to be handed out for free.