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Donald Trump

Posted in politics, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on May 30, 2016

The entry of Donald Trump onto the political scene; was, initially, easy to miss; or dismiss. He, his positions and style of delivery were roundly criticized by conservative pundits. Criticized to the point of pundit, George Will, hoping that he loses all 50 states to Hillary Clinton–presumably for lack of purity of messaging.

Yet, what everyone regarded as a flash in the pan, the ultimate ego trip for a rich blowhard, wasn’t. It didn’t stop and Trump kept coming and coming. Racking win after win and now with the delegates needed to be the Republican nominee this summer. I don’t think that it is a great exercise in clairvoyance, to say as of this January, it will be President Trump.

For, in the midst of the naysayers were other voices; voices like Alabama Senator Sessions.    For years Sessions fought a lonely battle against uncontrolled immigration and for secure boarders. He fought this battle in the name of Americans losing jobs to uncontrolled immigration.   And, finally, someone cut through the DC fog and obfuscation and staked out a clear message of support for what Sessions was fighting for; and, to the gasping of the Washington punditocracy, Sessions endorsed Trump.  But, how surprising is that, Trump was the only one that took Sessions’ message to heart.

The threads were there, scattered all about, waiting of someone to weave a tapestry. Here are some:

Ronald Reagan. The eight years of the Reagan presidency were the last time in memory that we had clear leadership, clear goals and achievement of those goals. Reagan wasn’t conservative to score debating points. Early in life he was a New Deal Democrat. No, he was there for American security, prosperity and freedom. Conservatism after a lifetime of experiences was the path to those goals.

When Reagan inherited the mantle of President, he was given a dismal job of reversing high inflation, high unemployment and ascendant Soviet Union. It was common at the time to speak of the United States of having passed its peak and to be in permanent decline. Yet, Reagan reversed all of these and left a legacy of a strong, ascendant United States. Militarily and economically. His legacy was end of the threat of nuclear war with the USSR and an robust economy that has essentially thrived until the crash of 2008.

It speaks to the power of Reagan’s legacy that, for the last 30 years since Reagan, every president has ridden on the robustness of that legacy. But, that legacy has been ridden down into the ground.   We’ve been a in a downward spiral (Its Trump. Get Over It. Thomas Lifson, American Thinker).   A spiral of corruption and rent seeking that has ridden Reagan’s legacy into the ground.

The US still matters because of the strength of the economic and military legacy rebuilt during the Reagan years.  The US has been the engine of peace and prosperity since 1945.  There is simply no other country on this planet that can create such a legacy.   But, now we are trying to fight an existential worldwide war against the totalitarian ideology of Islam with a military that is a shadow of what we once had in the days of Reagan.  Our economic power is in tatters because of debt and the eight years of debasing our currency by virtue of the FED’s quantitative easing–fancy words for printing more money.  And, despite cooking the books on inflation at the Department of Labor, inflation is real and abundantly clear as you shop the aisles at Sam’s club.

Further, the economic power and prosperity has been raided incessantly to fund all manner of programs that have little to do with the real purpose of the Federal Government—security (national defense and border integrity), internal order (roads, bridges and contracts) and an honest buck.

The real damage, though, of the last 30 years is the development of a self-serving governing class of legislators, bureaucrats, lobbyists, political punditry, media and all manner of syncophyants and hangers-on that now dominate what passes for our leadership in the Bo-wash (Accelera?) corridor on the East Coast. Revolving doors of jobs and favors between government and the rent seeking crony capitalists that turn with the speed of a jet turbine. A symbiosis between the regulators and those regulated that can afford to buy off the regulators.

Politically Correct (PC). If there’s going to be one legacy coming out of Trump’s presidential campaign, it is making PC a central campaign issue.  PC is really  a device to silence dissent to the current “received wisdom” of our ruling elite. It also has the virtue of stopping meaningful change by eliminating the very words to allow a productive conversation about the problems that vex our nation–Newspeak ascendant. Add to this the further barriers to communication such as “trigger” warnings, safe spaces and social and MSM shaming that attempts to utterly destroy opponents with the wrong opinion.

But, in particular, the conservative elite had it coming since topics that the “respectable, main stream” actors refuse to address will be addressed. By “disreputable” individuals out on the fringes.   By ignoring ‘them that brung them to the dance,’ namely the voters, Trump caught our elite totally off guard by having the audacity to juxtapose such words ‘illegal’ and ‘immigrant.’

Forthright and free speech is essentially crowd-sourcing of self-correcting criticism  and debate.  A effective manner of throughly vetting a politician or program.  Supressing free speech will only push a problem down for a while where it will fester and eventually burst back on the scene as bad, if not worse, than ever.

What’s really coming back is forthright speech, plain talk. Calling a spade a spade. One wonders, by the way, if Truman’s plain speaking would have had a home in today’s Democratic Party.

Toilets and Cakes. Our elite wasn’t just willing to wallow in their corruption. They had to take it a step further. Live and let live wouldn’t cut it. They had to declare war on the unwashed masses in fly-over country. War was officially declared when Obama in the famous unguarded moment discussed us poor rubes as clinging to Guns and Religion.

So, in what simply amounts as gratuitous attacks on Middle America, we have ‘human rights’ commissions bankrupting small businesses with excessive fines over refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding because of moral objections. Forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to hand out contraceptives.  Trying to pass any sort of gun control legislation to create barriers to the exercise of rights secured by the Second Amendment.  To make a felon out of an otherwise law-abiding citizen with fly-paper regulations.

Yet, where is the IRS in auditing the Clinton Foundation? And, at the same time, why is a weaponized IRS auditing Obama’s Tea-party opponents? How come these solar and wind projects, wiping out eagles, hawks and owls get a pass on the endangered species act and a small landowner (welder, Andy Johnson) is getting reamed by the EPA for putting a pond on his land?  And, where exactly did those half-billion dollars for Solyndra go? Is DC one big ‘get of jail free’ card?  Does it seem that laws are just for little people?

Then the toilets and ‘transgender’ identities.  This is only clap-trap that could come out of a bloated higher education establishment also wallowing in the trough of tax payer dollars.  For most people, gender identity is looking down your pants realizing that if your an outie, your a boy, an innie, a girl.  Rather, you’re hopelessly bigoted if you object to a 40 year-old man in a dress going into the same bathroom as your ten year-old daughter or granddaughter.  Here, being part of Peggy Noonan’s “protected” class, wanna bet that that’s not going to happen on Obama’s daughters on their annual Martha Vineyard summer vacation?  Its only a matter of time before some pervert in a dress is going to get blow away by a pistol packing mother.  What then?  Female empowerment versus gender identity versus rape culture versus safe spaces versus a really big micro-aggression?

Wyoming Girls’ Hockey: This is another was of discussing the divide between the elite and the little guy. Between Peggy Noonan’s “protected” and “unprotected” class. Out in Wyoming there’s no such thing as Charles Murray’s bubble from his book Coming Apart. No gated communities. You rub shoulder daily with cops and firemen. You mixed it up with drillers, frackers and coal miners. With teachers, accountants and lawyers. You shop at the same Wal-marts, Safeway’s and Sam’s Clubs.   You take your family to eat the same Outbacks and Texas Roadhouses. You drive a truck. Your Charles Murray bubble score is comfortably above 50. I doubt the Georgetown crowd could hit a score of 20.

Then you go to your daughter’s hockey practices and games. You sit at team dinners. You sit with these same people from all walks of life and discuss the world around you. Keeping your business going in spite of Federal regulation. Impending layoffs. Hiring freezes.  Good jobs, once had, that just dried up to outsourcing or some environmental jihad.

You discuss the devastation of 500 coal mine layoffs in Gillette and how those 500 breadwinners, 500 families deprived of that paycheck will utterly devastate a town of only 30,000. You reflect on how the 100 or so frackers, through their own hard work were earning six-figure incomes in Fremont County (population ~35,000). And, how Fremont County’s economy has taken such a toll, economically, when Obama’s co-religionists in Saudi Arabia dropped the price of oil specifically to wipe them out.

You reflect on the callousness of President “I’ve-got-a-phone-and-a-pen” carries out his “war on coal” and turns his back on 20,000 jobs blocking the Keystone pipeline.  Then, there’s Hillary Clinton’s plan to “put a lot of coal miners…out of business.”  You read articles in the Wall Street Journal about finding “new economic opportunities” for coal mining communities that have lost all their mining jobs.  These “new economic opportunities” might sound so hip as your swilling wine and brie in a DC cocktail party.  But, those people, those communities torn asunder by these glib assertions were perfectly happy to ply their trade as coal miners and oil drillers.  And, happy to bring a solid paycheck home to secure decent food, clothing and shelter for their families.

Maybe the real reason behind the new regulations in Austin, Texas essentially driving out Uber is the fact that there comes a time when people have had enough of the billionaire silicone valley solons’ “creative disruptions.”  Macroeconomics may be all the rage when your pulling down a six-figure income at some think tank or foundation.  But, to the little guy who world has been destroyed by outsourcing to some factory in China, the microeconomics is what really matters.

Immigration and Trade.   Really the opposite sides of the same coin. The free trade purism being flogged at the Georgetown cocktail parties are devastating Middle America since most of our trading partners are really practicing merchantilism. And, if you can’t displace American workers by manufacturing over there, you have uncontrolled immigration to displace them over here. And, if free trade is such unalloyed good, why is one of the few domestic industries that is truly creating good jobs for a comfortable middle class lifestyle are in the gun industry?

The gun industry is anything but free trade. You can’t export unless you have special export licenses. Nor, can you import unless you have a significant manufacturing presence for that firearm product in the US.   Yet, somehow, we have a robust, competitive domestic industry making high quality, innovative products. Essentially surrounded by a wall of tariffs 50 miles high.  We scoff when socialist theory falls apart in real world situations. Is free trade, after some point, too much of a good thing?   Where does free trade fall apart when theory collides with the real world–in the real world of rent seeking on an international level.

Or, I would gladly spent fifty cents per gallon for diesel to know that all our oil guys were back at work fracking.

Then there the other half; immigration. There are plenty of immigrants that have been coming to our shores since Jamestown. You can look up my immigrant grandparents on the Ellis Island website. But, that’s the point. They came here legally, within the law, above board, on the books. With the intention of becoming Americans—including one uncle, a son of those immigrant grandparents of mine, who earned a bronze star for valor in France in WW II. They just didn’t waltz in over an unguarded border with ISIS trying to run in its sleeper terrorist operatives under the cover of the hoard.   Also, how did a bunch of 12 year-olds from Central America make it to the border over 1200 miles of Mexican desert?

Donald Trump is bringing the forgotten Americans to the table. And, even are elite conservatives should be thankful because he’s bringing them to a new home in the GOP because they will be the margin that gives the GOP victory. The GOP and America needs them at the table. The Americans who work with their hands and make things. The America that goes to war to bleed and die to keep America safe as mankind’s last and greatest hope.

I understand Donald Trump.