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A&E and Duck Dynasty

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on December 24, 2013

If A&E were a publicly traded company, it decision to place the program Duck Dynasty in jeopardy should have merited the systematic sacking the entire management of A&E for failing to maximize shareholder return.  For the sake of political correctness it is willing to take a financial hit on one of the most profitable ventures currently in A&E’s stable.  Who are these ‘captains of industry’ that trash a profitable venture over the wrath of a demographic, homosexuals, that are far outnumbered by those who practice Christianity and/or choose to participate in heterosexual activities.  And, for reasons that are, frankly trivial, merely expressing an opinion in a magazine interview.  Never mind that Phil Robertson never personalized his opinions, or personally insulted anyone.

This lies in Tom Wolfe’s remark that liberalism is the etiquette of the upper classes.  A whole bicoastal elite that lives in fear of being knocked off the A-list for party invites.  The same elite that came up from the finishing schools otherwise known as the Ivy League.  The same elite after networking in the Ivy League then goes off to work by taking over their parents occupations in government, law and finance to have their turn at looting this Republic.  And, so, it is far more important maintain those networks and the insurance that your elite peers will ever at your side to find you yet another job than it is to run a company well.  The abject fear of being cast aside from all the networking at all those Hampton parties.

Except that Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty and the target of the wrath of the political correctness police, didn’t quite play along.  Instead of creating a program of stupid rednecks doing stupid things, the program in a very human way promoted Christianity and a traditional family structure in a quiet, unobtrusive manner.  And, God and guns thrown in.

Phil Robertson and his clan never direct hate or invective at anyone.  They may disagree, but never to the extent of personally attacking those with whom they disagree.  In fact, the show, doesn’t denigrate others, but rather invites others to join their fun.  Indeed, Phil Robertson, in his GQ interview quotes the Bible and leaves judgement to the Good Lord.  He’ll disagree with you and then go his own way; using his guns only to put dinner on the table.  His disagreement with you will only be answered in the next world, by God and not by his hand.

Yet, Phil’s firing and his reaction truly shows the gulf between our decrepit elite and his strength.  His own personal strength and a mind-set of independence allows him to thumb his nose at A&E.  He and his family have the pluck to seize an opportunity and run with it; and, in doing so, keep their end of the bargain by making this TV enterprise also very profitable to A&E.  But, he’s not married to this success that he will abandon the fundamental principles that made his life so successful and thereby the show so appealing.

For A&E, it a dependence on appearances in the politically correct world–at least for its executives.  For the Robertsons’,  it God and guns.  A belief there is an ultimate higher authority and a practical tool that concentrates your mind on the power and responsibilities of independence, respectively.