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Now for a Real ‘Conversation’ on Guns

Posted in second amendment, us constitution by Eugene Podrazik on April 21, 2013

This is the best of various outcomes.  A complete crash and burn of the latest gun control push in the Senate last week.  Because, there was never a real dialogue, a real two way conversation.  The very legislation again played into the fundamental dishonesty of the gun control forces; a never settled, always expanding net of laws, rules and regulations with intent, little by little, to strangle the Second Amendment.

The Toomey-Manchin background check compromise is a prime example of that dishonesty.  The proposed bill was better only by being less bad that the original bill, authored by Senator Schumer, that it replaced.  For all of its high minded protection of the Second Amendment, it was riddled with loopholes that could at a later date be exploited into creating a de facto registry by compiling any and all information already in the hands of the Federal government.

And, in the states, where Democratic Party control stood unchecked, laws have been passed with wild abandon that utterly render the original intend of the Second Amendment entirely meaningless.  Laws that make it a felony to possess heretofore perfect legal firearms.  Bans on firearms and accessories that have caused whole companies to move with wholesale loss of jobs, manufacturing jobs, in those states.

In Colorado, we have the example of Magpul, whose biggest business, is making standard 30 round magazines.  Yet, at the stroke of a pen, Colorado’s governor has make that business illegal.  This from a man, who prior to entering politics, made his money making and selling beer.  A product that once too was made illegal at the stroke of a pen during the prohibition.  Irony proof.

But, let’s have a real conversation.  First is the purpose of the Second Amendment.   It’s purpose is not about sport or hunting.  The purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Right was to build a country, not a country club.  It was about having an individual right to access to up-to-date weaponry to give the individual parity in acting in concert to repel an invasion or insurrection.  To repel criminal agents in the pay of a tyrant.  To repel criminal agents who would attempt to harm you or kill you, attempt to invade your home or business, attempt to harm or kill your family.

In fact, the greatest threat to life from criminal activity is an armed government against an unarmed civilian populace.  Over 100 million unarmed civilians have been killed by the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot over the twentieth century.  Above and beyond the casualties of war by armed combatants in that era.  Horrors never visited upon our country by virtue of an armed civilian populace.

Let’s have a conversation about the stupidity of the ‘gun free’ zone; the very cause of these sensationalized mass murders.  For the Aurora, Colorado mass killer, there were ten such movie theaters between his residence and ultimate venue for his outrage.  The theater he picked was the one that specifically had a ‘gun free’ policy.  Ditto just about every school in this country; except Utah which allow concealed carry on campus by its teachers.  Been working well now for several years.

A gun free zone is an unrestricted kill zone.  The only way to prevent these mass shootings from happening is to immediately meet that threat with lethal force.  Where this happens by virtue of an armed citizen (usually concealed carry), the causality rate is kept to about two victims.  Where the armed citizen isn’t present (or prohibited) the causality rate rises to an average of 16 victims by the time the police arrive.

Then too is a conversation over the so-called ‘assault weapons’ ban.  There is a reason our police and soldiers are armed with AR15 variant rifles, standard 30 round magazines, semi-automatic pistols and their attendant 15 round magazines.  Those reasons also apply to the armed citizen.  First, the citizen will need firearms of military utility because of the expectations of militia duty–namely, being expected to come forth in time of emergency armed with weapons, furnished by themselves, in common use.  The AR15 rifle is becoming the preferred home defense weapon.  It is light, with a light recoil, making it accurate and easy to control thereby minimizing the risk of collateral damage.  The telescoping stock makes the rifle adjustable for use by a 6’4″ man or this more diminutive wife.  The 30 round magazine helps minimize weapon manipulation allow a single defender to stand and survive against multiple assailants.

On second thought, let’s not have a conversation.  Fresh from some sort of electoral ‘mandate’ last November, with a really sensational mass murder to flog, the Democratic Party stripped off its mask and showed it true intentions.  Not ‘reasonable’ controls, but a mad rush to pile on every regulation imaginable.  Laws written behind closed doors, no hearings, no debate or reflection.  A real conversation, is first of all, undergirded by good faith.


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