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The Deceit of Gun Control

Posted in second amendment, us constitution by Eugene Podrazik on February 17, 2013

Here’s the latest coming out of Colorado.  Here’s what happens when the party of Woodrow Wilson, the party of the ‘living’ Constitution gets to run things.  More gun control.  Some of the items are limitations of magazine capacities, making gun owners pay for their own background checks, even opening gun manufacturers to liability lawsuits if their products are misused by criminals.

These proposals are in the face of losing business in the form of Magpul pulling out of Colorado and losing 600 jobs.

Governor Hinkenlooper is all set to sign this bill; as long as the magazine capacity is between 15 and 20 rounds.  How magnanimous.  Once again we see the myth of the moderate Democrat.  Just like the pro-life Democrats who sold their principles and morals down the river for Obamacare.

But, here’s the deceit.  David Kopel discusses how, in the aftermath of the Columbine murders, Colorado State legislators sat down and worked out a compromise to address measures to prevent guns falling into the wrong hands.  Measures were agreed upon to give law abiding citizens certain rights concerning concealed carry.  At least in government buildings, real gun free zones, only enforceable if all access point to the building were secured.  The point was a real compromise, one that wasn’t perfect, one that didn’t leave either side perfectly happy. But, the compromise, represented by these series of measures, that addressed true gun crime prevention and also allowed loosening of restrictions to allow law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves.

This should have been a settled issue. And, one get the impression from Mr. Kopel’s take that many in Colorado did regard this issue as settled.  But, no.  Now with the Democrats in control of both legislative houses and the governorship, this compromise, this settled agreement is being opened up again for more gun control.  ‘Reasonable,’ ‘common sense’ gun control until an opening arises to shove more draconian regulations through.

The deceit goes further.  Anyone who owns an AR15 know about Magpul.  Magpul makes, among other AR 15 accessories, the PMAG–a 30 round polymer magazine that essentially is the standard against which all similar such magazines are measured.  Yet, this Colorado legislature, is willing to chase out Magpul and its 600 jobs from the state.  Not just any jobs, but real live manufacturing jobs; the holy grail Democrat Party.  So much for Obama’s recent State of the Union ‘pivot’ to jobs.

The rule of law is an agreement to abide to a certain framework of rules; fixed rules that will apply to everyone.  It’s just a fancy term for what goes around, comes around.  You the individual, the smallest minority, will not have rights to life, liberty and property trampled.  One day you may have the power protect those rights, the next day you may not.  Your ability to keep those rights when you’re down may very well depend on whether you respected those same right in the past when you were on top.  It is built on a trust that both parties will both refrain from using the power that could be brought to bear against each other.  Trust that the rules won’t be suddenly changed.

Maybe, what the Second Amendment guarantees is that the above social contract will be respected.

This deceit comes from a violation of that contract and it degenerates into mob rule.  Which is what the ‘Chicago way’ is really about.  Fifty percent plus one may loot the fifty percent minus one.  Ultimately, mob rule will beget mob rule.  Instead of rule of law we will degenerate into armed camps, literally.  What Senator Feinstein’s  assault weapons ban has started is a sundering of trust.  A most fundamental sundering of trust by cutting across the very right to defend one’s own life.  There is little to compromise over.  As the 100 millions souls killed over the last century by the likes of Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Pol Pot attest, there is no middle ground.  Life or death.

The mere fact, that this assault weapons ban passed once and by Feinstein’s recent re-introduction still lurks as a threat, shows that no amount of good faith will ever be enough.  The quest for power by a self-made elite ever hovers over the little people.  Even over their very lives.

It’s been remarked when the current gun control controversy dies down there will be plenty of bargains for AR 15’s.  Ditto ammunition and magazines.  I don’t think so, I think that while supply shortages and prices may abate, they will never go back.  Heretofore, there will be a constant and incessant demand that make the shelf life, at the local gun store, for every semi-automatic pistol, rifle and shotgun very short.  Same will be true for the accompanying magazines and ammunition.  No one on the gun side is going to get caught short again.  There will now be an ingrained mentality of always stocking up.  Even if it means picking up another magazine or box of ammunition as an ‘impulse’ item by stopping at the sporting good store while picking up the dry cleaning.

Whether, the new ‘assault weapons’ ban passes or not, the mere fact it came up again killed any trust on the part of Second Amendment advocates with the gun controllers.  Further, if prominent Democrats in the House and Senate fail very clearly and forcefully condemn this ban this breach of trust will take a very long time to mend.  Mend and regain the trust of folks who indeed vote.  Gun control rarely puts a politician over the top in an election, but it sure can get them defeated.  Even folks in the bluest of blue states may start to come around to the pro-gun side over time;  there’s only so much crime before even the bluest of liberals may decide that a gun may save their lives someday.


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