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Gun Control and the Sundering of America

Posted in second amendment by Eugene Podrazik on February 4, 2013

Though not the only reason, but gun control is turning out to be the issue that especially underlines the growing disaffection between the citizen and his relationship with his government.  The Second Amendment at it core represents the securing of a right to have the means at hand to protect life, liberty and property.  And, twice now, in the last two decades, Senator Feinstein has crafted bills that have created a gulf between American citizens and its government that will not heal for decades to come.  Trust the Senator, and disarm yourself.  Not that the Founding Fathers’ long view of history left them with any illusions.

But, like the simple acts of choosing food to eat or filling your gas tank, everything you do has become political.  So, it is with guns.  To own a gun is to forever catapult out of the ranks of the low-information voter.  Merely, owning a gun will now put you in a position for forever defend keeping that tool.  And, you will know one of the reasons to keep that gun is 100 million souls have been dispatched by the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot; in every case a disarmed populace at the hands of an armed government.

So, trust. Trust and its antithesis, hypocrisy.  The gun controllers have jumped on a horrible tragedy of the murders of a score of children at Sandy Hook.  Yet, instead of realizing that this tragedy was a direct result of an ill-founded ideal of theirs, the gun-free zone, this is used as a platform to excuse even further and more draconian gun control measures.  Measure that will do nothing to address this particular situation, but burden otherwise law abiding citizens with further regulatory burdens.

Yet, these elites live in bubbles of tight and well-armed security.  Their children go to private schools like Sidwell Friends that have all sorts of security, and secret service if the current occupant of the Oval Office happens to have school aged children in attendance.  Children who are too precious to be place in the free fire zone of gun-free Sandy Hook.

We have concealed permits very selectively distributed by the City of New York to citizens that read like who’s who of financial and political influence.  In addition to armed bodyguards either hired or provided by the police to Mayor Bloomberg.

Despite strict–as in strict liability–prohibitions of ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high capacity clips’ in the city limits of Washington D.C. we have Senator Feinstein grandstanding her ‘assault weapons’ ban in front of a display of such.  She having gotten ‘special permission’ to do such.  Special permission? From whom?  Then, there is David Gregory, physically holding a 30 round magazine, in known violation of Washington D.C. law who is excused from any legal liability.  Courtesies denied ordinary citizens who unknowingly have run afoul of the exact same laws while in D.C.

All of this begins to underscore a sense that we live in an era much like the Hunger Games where the elite in the Capitol live a life apart from and free of the rules that govern those underlings who live in the Districts.  Indeed, while the rest of the country is struggling through a depression, there is a economic boom in Washington D.C.  A contrast remarked upon repeatedly in the blogosphere.

There is bad faith.  We have been repeatedly told that all that is wanted is reasonable gun control to try to curb violence.  And, there is absolutely not motivation to confiscate your guns.  Yet, these gun control advocates keep coming back to the well to ask for more.  Asking for more curbs and restrictions when their last round of legislation fails.  Moreover, none of this legislation seems to address criminal usage of guns; rather, it criminalizes the use and possession of guns of the otherwise peaceable and law-abiding citizen.  And, now, sensing another crisis that can’t be allowed to go to waste, the gun controllers are now trying to put into place the foundations of a registration system that will only serve to allow confiscation.

It becomes reflexive to go out and hoard some more every time the MSM and their political travelers sense hysteria can be ginned up for more gun control legislation.  The issue is never settled since short of complete disarmament, there is never enough.

Confiscation?  Paranoid?  Hardly.  New York City established a registration system in the 60’s; only to use that system, after subsequently banning ‘assault weapons,’ to demand that certain guns already registered be turned over or removed from New York City.  A similar situation has occurred in California over their ‘assault weapon’ ban.  And, now in Minnesota, where legislation proposes to exactly that.  Though it didn’t make it into the final law, for the present, Governor Cuomo’s bill orginally included provisions for all sorts of confiscations of certain arms and related accessories—in those words.

Feinstein’s ban allows you to keep what you have (for the time being) after being investigated, fingerprinted and photographed.  And, paying a $200 tax per gun since these will all be registered under the National Firearms Act.  But, ultimately it is confiscation since upon death such arms will go to the government and not to your heirs.  The real irony is when death will intervene to allow such a transfer to the government; the length of your ‘natural’ lifespan may be decided when government agents show up to collect your registered guns.

So, all of these reassurances have been for naught.  Lies to get smaller laws through until the time was ripe to pass major legislation to, what now appears, be an attempt to register and/or confiscate firearms.  In the campaign to enact the first ‘assault weapons’ ban, the then named “Handgun Control, Inc.” (Now renamed the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) immediately jumped on the bandwagon even though its stated purpose was about handguns and not rifles.  Or, was there a deeper agenda?  As a gun owner, whom do you really trust when someone approaches you with a national ‘conversation’ on ‘reasonable controls?’

The next issue is everyone is guilty of something.  Laws and regulations are so intrusive and extensive that it is impossible to know or comprehend what the law really is. It now becomes some arbitrary exercise of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; or somehow pissing someone off who has the power to bring the state after you.

But, gun owners have been in that situation for a long time.  The absolute thicket of gun regulations that exist from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, not to mention the reams of regulations from the ATF again makes it probable, approaching unity, that you have violated something.

But, many gun owners have made the choice to take a chance since its better to be tried by twelve rather than carried by six.  Gun laws, therefore, have been largely honored in the breach.

Which leads us to the realm of unanticipated consequences.  Since my start in collecting guns in 1990, I’ve noticed acceleration in the acquisition of guns and ammo over the 20 or so years.  Before Feinstein’s first ban gun show were relaxed affairs where you entertained yourself looking at all sorts of displays and hunting down a bargain or two.  You could buy an AR 15 made by Colt (top of the line) for about $700.  You could buy an SKS rifle for about $80.  The SKS was a cheaply made Russian rifle specifically designed for use by illiterate peasants barely out of the bronze age; and very popular in Florida for use on an airboat in case an alligator took a particular interest in you as lunch.  Popular because if it fell overboard you didn’t care it was so cheap.

Yet, in the years that have gone by, there is no such thing as a disposable gun to allow falling overboard.  Every gun is bought and closely guarded against the day there will be no more.  The $700 AR 15 is now in excess of $2000.  While, after the lapse of the first ban, prices may have abated and supplies become more plentiful, these have never really returned to the days before the Feinstein’s first ban.  Everything is being acquired against the day of confiscation.

The biggest irony is that the AR 15 can probably owe a lot of its popularity to the attention it was given in the original ‘assault weapons’ ban.  It was a gun with a very niche appeal and one looked down upon by a lot of gun aficionados.  Yet, over the last twenty years it has now become the most popular rifle sold in America.

Moreover, the AR 15 growing popularity has paralleled the growth of the ‘shall issue’ concealed firearm permit.  The effect is to familiarize and demystify these guns and their capabilities.  It has familiarized a broader swath of Americans to the arbitrariness and the frank ridiculousness of hundreds of gun control laws.  It has removed the taboo of guns for self defense.  It has familiarized more Americans with the true intent of the Second Amendment and defanged the argument that thus and such gun has no utility for hunting or thus and such gun’s only purpose is for military usage.  It has highlighted the true purpose of the Second Amendment against the hypocrisy and corruption of the ruling elite.

Not to say that people are enduring six month back order times for guns, accessories and parts now just to hand these items over to the government.  Nor, are people spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars, even in this time of economic depression, to, on Election Day, vote for candidates that will take away those very things that they’ve parted with so much money to acquire.  That money that is cleaning every gun and bullet off the shelf in every gun store in this country should be regarded as serious statement of commitment to a cause as is bundled PAC contributions.

Whether plinker, skeet shooter or hunter, in the back of every gun owners’ mind is a tool to save your life against the day you may face a thug—in the pay of a tyrant.  That is the ultimate one issue voter.

Then is the issue of civil disobedience.  As is already true in states and local jurisdictions that require gun registration, we can expect little voluntary photographing, fingerprinting and gun registrations to comply with the proposed Feinstein Assault Ban II.  And, we will now have a nation of tens of millions of felons.  All at the stoke of a pen.  One day a law abiding citizen, the next a gun felon.

Yet, if everything is illegal then nothing is illegal.  Arbitrary law that offends common sense will create a turning away from our government the very people who most fervently support law and order.  Arbitrary compliance will be the answer to arbitrary law.  What will specifically be violated is failure to register a gun, heretofore legal, as a National Firearms Act (NFA) firearm in the same class as machine guns, short-barreled guns and gun silencers.  So, if some 80 millions are already felons under the NFA, why stop there?  Why not acquire a machine gun?  Converting an AR 15 to true full automatic fire isn’t that hard in your average garage with tools that can be acquired at Home Depot.

With the advent of three-dimensional printing, an item like an AR 15 magazine can be easily ‘printed.’  Indeed there down-loadable CNC plans that can be loaded into a 3D printer to make an AR 15 lower—the portion of the AR 15 that carries the serial number and is considered the ‘gun’ by the ATF.

Such a ban and such lack of compliance will have the effect of stripping the last bit of legitimacy to the governing elite.  A compliance rate in excess of 5 percent will be shockingly high.  What of, what I expect to be, the 90 percent who won’t comply?  The very citizens who have a higher propensity to populate the ranks of our military and law enforcement.  Citizens who are more likely to be the productive class that actually pays taxes that actually support the boom times of Washington D.C.  Citizens who will pretend to be law abiding but will no longer feel a civic duty to contribute beyond obeying the little laws to give the impression there’s nothing to hide.  No longer of nation of public spiritedness.  But, of nation of hoarders and hiders.  A nation where everyone is a felon, everyone is Spartacus, everyone is Galt.


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