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The Second Amendment in Libya

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 16, 2012

What was Christopher Stevens thinking.  I don’t know what his real philosophies and politics really were.  But, let us speculate.  History BA from Berkley, High School AFS exchange student in Spain, Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco from 1983-5 (safely teaching in Morocco during the ascendancy of President Reagan’s military buildup).  Being born in 1960, he turned 18 in 1978–no draft and no draft registration.  Did he really have a clue; a man of the left coast?  A man who grew up in the the California golden years of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  By the way, pursuing Wikipedia, one notes his mom is a cellist  for the Marin Symphony Orchestra…

Now, let’s look at his food chain at the State Department.  Numero Uno is Hillary Clinton.  The same said secretary who was pushing the UN small arms treaty as a method to circumvent our rights secured by the Second Amendment.  So, would considering actually having and employing lethal force cross the Secretary Clinton’s mind?  Defending yourself?  With guns?  As a Second Amendment right?  Like, that’s so Tea Party.  A distraction to be pawned off on some troglodyte at the lower, expendable end of the State Department food chain.  Never has it occurred to Clinton (or her boss) that Islam is that very destructive force of nature that will crack the thin egg shell of civilization.  And, flatten the ivory tower.

Here we have that very dichotomy of the attitudes that inhabit the MSM, the elite on the Washington DC cocktail circuit, the insulated elites that simply have never had an idea of what the unwashed masses in fly-over country deal with on a daily basis.  Where inflation is real as gasoline has double in price since Obama’s inauguration, ditto basic stables like ground beef and chicken (not free range, but the stuff that comes in a bag from Tyson).

And, I’ll bet, besides thinking “why little me?”, Ambassador Stevens was thinking some very un-PC thoughts, thoughts that would come only from the likes of the NRA, like I could really use a firearm.  Like, where are the Marines.  Like Marines with M4 carbines, machine guns and grenade launchers.  And, those nifty little armored personnel carriers with those cool machine guns on top.

The tragedy of Ambassador Stevens’ death is the door to an unbelievably naive world view devoid of practicality.  A world view discussed from Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart bubble quiz with, I’ll bet, bubble scores somewhere near zero.    Did anyone listen to one of the rough-speaking Marines, with a better situational sense than State Department ‘intelligence’.

Finally, what about the most fundamental human right enshrined in the Second Amendment?  The right to self defense.  The right to defend your life.  A right long discarded the salons of Georgetown and in the soft life of the California of Stevens’ youth as irrelevant to  worldly tastes and attitudes.  Why wasn’t he armed?  Why weren’t his companions armed?  Why such groveling to the local ‘authorities’ over the possession of firearms?  At the very least, one would assume that he’s in the middle of a war where ‘authority’ is a guy with a gun.

Not that this will ever happen in my lifetime; but, if appointed ambassador, I’m only accepting if I have every gun, bullet and magazine allowed by Wyoming law in my possession at my future embassy.  And, Constitutional carry while out and about.  And, a staff of like minded personnel and Marines.