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Chicago-Style Dining at The Ashford House

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on May 21, 2012

This gives a pretty good summary as any.  Look at the details; the assailants ran in single file and attacked a specific group of diners; attacked with metal and old fashion police batons.  Also with hammers.  Weapons that can kill, place a victim in the hospital for many months, or for life in a wheelchair.  The first question: who was attacked and who attacked?  Second question:  who was behind the attackers (or who would most benefit from this attack).  Yes, there are web sites, taking credit for the attack who claim that the diners were from the “White Nationalist Economic Summit.”  But, in this day of s0-called journalism that amounts as propaganda cover for a particular group, I’ll withhold judgement.  Moreover, as distasteful as the name and motives of those attacked may be, I have no evidence that those diners were disturbing the peace or were plotting to do so.

So, we come back to the Second Amendment.  A right throughly suppressed in Illinois, particularly in Chicago.  Illinois is, in fact, the sole hold out over concealed carry permits.  And, Chicago, is doing everything to squirm out of the Heller and McDonald decisions.  So much for the rule of law; a concept buried by Chicago Machine politics.  Yet, in this very incident, we have a clear-cut attack with lethal force.  A situation that in every locale that recognizes the civil rights secured by the Second Amendment, would have allowed the use of lethal force to counter this attack.  Yet, depending on the political connections, these attackers will mostly go free and the victims will go home to nurse their wounds.  And, yes, had someone stood up and fought back with a firearm, the only conviction would be placing that individual in prison for ten years.

But, the real issue is the need to defend not just against the mayhem of disaster or being preyed upon by thieves or rapist.  Rather, there may come a time when citizens, who choose to remain free, may need to confront the criminal acts and agents of a criminal government.  This issue in the Ashford House resembles the actions of some of the paramilitary units that targeted and murdered individuals that spoke out against the ruling authorities.

It is obvious that this attack was organized and planned.  And, the perpetrators will walk free for the very simple fact that the witnesses, all out-of-towners, won’t be coming back to testify.  Who would?  You’ve just survived an attack that could have left you dead.  You’re going to come back to a court system that is in the pocket of the same fellow travelers as the attackers?  Unarmed?

What is keeping the socialist plans of such individuals as our Dear President is the fact that the confiscatory taxes that would be needed to put those plans into full implementation are being held in check by an armed citizenry.  We have some semblance of a Bill of Rights for the same reason.  And, conversely, we have our European brethren victimized by every idiotic social engineering scheme and environmental scare because they are basically powerless.  A gun is not a talisman to make danger fade; nor is it an excuse to shoot everything in sight at the least provocation.  But, it provides the necessary means to give a citizen the fortitude to stand and deliver, knowing there are means in the gravest extreme.

I can’t say it as well as Jeffrey R. Snyder, so I would refer you to his essay, A Nation of Cowards.


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