Elkhorn Creek Lodge

Flexibility and Treason

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on March 27, 2012

BHO’s hot mike gaffe reveals a lot.  A plea for Russia to essentially go easy on Bam until the election in exchange for ‘flexibility’ thereafter.

So, the question is what needed to be so private?  What fundamental national security fact was going to change between now and November?

The principles of Just War prohibit such things as holding civilian populations hostage; a concept posited some 800 years ago by St. Thomas Aquinas?  Surely that principle is not due to change over the next 6 months.

Missile defense is just that.  Defense.  Very simply, having the means to ward off aggression, which is in no way immoral.  In fact, by protecting civilian population from being rendered hostage, it furthers the concepts of Just War.

Therefore, what does Obama dare not articulate now that he can after the November election?  The same fundamental tactical and strategic facts governing the security of our nation and that of our democratic allies in Eastern Europe now will remain unchanged later this year.  Does he intend to do something that will make him more unelectable such as placing our security at greater risk?  Does he intend to sell out our allies and friends (obviously not his, given his totalitarian instincts)?

Does he intend treason?


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