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November and the GOP’s Long March Back

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on July 19, 2010

Charles Krauthammer and Angelo M. Codevilla provide very sobering assessments of what has happened to our republic over the last two years and century, respectively.  (Here and here) (Bookworm here)  The Republicans have the capacity to significantly alter the balance of power this November.  It is very possible to take control of the House of Representatives.  Will they use the power of the purse to completely gut Obamacare until the the election of a Republican to allow for repeal?

It is also very possible for the Republicans to elect enough truly conservative Senators to have an effective filibuster.  Enough Senators to overcome the handicap of Senator Scott “I’m the 41st vote” Brown and our two squishes from Maine, Senators Snow and Collins.  Will the GOP use that power to shut down the Senate?  To block every judicial and cabinet appointment to stop the invasion of Elena Kagans and Donald Berwicks?  And, in coordination with the House will every department populated by recess appointments be stripped of all funding?

Will a newly empowered GOP articulate a program of balancing the budget by sharply controlling spending and eschewing taxes?  Will a newly empowered GOP make a distinction between things that government must do, such as national sovereignty, and things that are optional, such as entitlements?  Or, will the GOP fall into the trap of trading defense budget cuts for entitlement cuts?

In short, will the GOP rediscover the party that Lincoln once led and demonstrate the discipline to stay in a fight that may last a century to repeal the institutions that the so-called progressive instituted that now imperil the individual liberties enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Or, will a GOP triumph in November be just another speed bump on the way to replacing individual liberty with European Socialism–Chicago-style?

Every generation or so, the progressives manage to secure control of the White House and both Houses of Congress (filibuster-proof control).  And, with each such opportunity, the progressives manage to advance the ball with yet more programs to achieve this goal of cradle to grave welfare.  In 1913, even Republican Howard Taft manage to drink the progressive Cool-aid and pass the 16th amendment–income tax.  A generation later, it was FDR’s turn to introduce Social Security.  Then LBJ with Medicare, Medicaid and the other detritus of his Great Society and War on Poverty.  Jimmy Carter, through the first two years of his presidency had the opportunity to pass the Community Re-investment Act; the law that created ACORN and the sub-prime mortgage melt down of September 2008.  And, now, the next generational spasm of progressivism, Obamacare.

The point of all of the above is that this accretion of programs are now threatening the viability of our Republic.  We are, in fact, in a existential war with Islam.  Yet, even without Obamacare, we no longer have the money to underwrite the most fundamental function of governance–national defense.  Our tax revenues basically cover Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  National defense is be funded by deficit spending.  And, this is before Obamacare really kicks in.

More sobering is the fact that each and every one of the above programs is still in place.  Not one has been repealed or even significantly reformed.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid couldn’t care less about the electoral bath their party will take this November because the track record is that the GOP will do exactly nothing.  There is a whole century of nothing to back that contention up.

So, the real question before the GOP and the electorate they are trying to convince to vote for them is this.  Will the GOP start to reverse, undo and abolish the damage of a century of progressivism?  Obamacare was passed over the manifest objection of the general public by the progressive philosopher-kings who were determined to give us what they though was the medical care they think we should get.  If in control of the House as of 2011, will the GOP completely defund Obamacare?  In the name of deficit control, will the GOP defund just about every program outside of national defense?  Will the GOP insist that proper governance be confined to external security, internal order and an honest buck?

Frankly, the destruction of the progressive march through just about every institution is complete; complete with the establishment of socialized medicine.  We now have a county that won’t last long since every penny will be consumed by entitlements to the complete abandonment of governance that defines the nation-state. Therefore, the GOP’s choices are very simple.  There is no “difference to split” or any way forward.  Either the GOP fights to restore our Constitutional Republic or goes out of business as “me-too” Republicans.

A century ago, was the age of William Jennings Bryan’s “cross of gold” speech.  It was more than about the debasing of currency by increased coinage of silver.  It was the whole progressive program of “wise men,” the philosopher kings in their own ranks telling and assigning duties to the rest of we peasants incapable of making decisions on our own.  Something the likes of Donald Berwick now does as he institutionalizes death panels.

But, even Bryan couldn’t have imagined that his free coinage of silver would devolve to the modern-day Fed.  An institution that merely creates money at the stroke of a pen!  Fiat money you don’t even have to bother to print, much less bother to coin.  A currency so debased that the modern penny is now a zinc alloy coated with copper; since pure copper is too expensive to mint as pennies.


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