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Climate Change; Full Disclosure

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on November 29, 2009


East Anglia will now release all climate raw data pending the negotiation of a number of non-publication agreements.

So, how long are we going to hang on to this data?  Long enough to pass cap and trade?  Long enough to put the world’s economies under the yolk of some global governance scheme courtesy the Copenhagen summit?  And, then we get to see the fraud beneath the surface?

No, full disclosure now for these reasons:

First, regardless of other commercial agreements, much of this data comes from grants backed by public monies.  Taxes.  My taxes.  My money.  I own that data.  It’s mine just as it’s any else’s.

Second, the data involved is increasingly becoming entangled in massive fraud.  Fraud that now clearly wades into the area of criminal.  We need this data out in the context of a full public inquiry.  On both sides of the Atlantic–England and the US.  We need to know what was being hidden.  Who hid it.  Who knew what and when.

Third, you have to show the conclusions that you present in ‘peer reviewed’ journals can be replicated.  That means you have to have the raw data so that other scientists can assemble the data to see if the same conclusion can be replicated.  You need to describe your methods and procedures so that others can re-do your experiment and, again, replicate your results and, ultimately, conclusions.  As a physician and engineer, I’ve been in the business of evaluating scientific experiments and studies to know that if you tried to present this data in a manner similar to global warming you’d be laughed out of any FDA drug approval process.

But, oh no!  The raw data at CRU is gone, the tapes and files thrown away during a move to a new facility!  All they have is ‘enhanced’ data!  How many billions of my tax dollars have gone into generating this data; and its all just tossed out.

The dog ate my homework.  Who did that?  Why?  Who knew what and when?

To the hacker that release the original e-mails; please hack again.  We need the raw data out in the public domain and now.  Unfortunately, you’ll probably be too late this time.


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