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Obamacare; Throwing S#*t Up Against The Wall

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on October 27, 2009

And seeing what sticks.

The benefit of substantial Democratic majorities is to allow the glib leadership (in both houses and the oval office) a chance to fully take the reins and render perfection out of our oh so obviously broken-down health care system.  Now that they’re in control, they can rectify those glaring deficiencies with their brilliant solutions that seems to have just eluded millions of doctors, nurses and sundry health professionals too dim-witted to see the obvious solutions only apparent to the enlighten few that now run the executive and legislative branches our the federal government.

Except that three hundred million people have unique medical needs that somehow don’t fit into any tight delivery scheme.  Certainly not the lowest common denominator expectations that Obama’s “best practices” will generate.  “Best practices” really do work except in the cases of exceptions.  Exceptions that occur about every time a new patient walks into your office.

Now that the Democrats literally have the votes to pass anything they want, they also discover that they will own what ever mess they will create when they move this country into the Nirvana of “reformed” and “universal” health care.

And, everyone is starting to discover, now that the Democrats are seriously scheming to destroy the best health system in the world, that as bad as our system may be, every alternative is worse.

There was a reason to rush this “reform” through in the dark of night.  That reason became abundantly clear when a whole summer’s worth of town hall meetings laid bare some of the myths that drove this reform need–those pesky peasants from fly-over country; just don’t know what’s best for them.   Those same said peasants also objected to the price tag because one trillion dollars is a lot of money.  900 billion dollars is a lot of money.  In fact, in the hurly-burly of making your household budget balance, 100 bucks is a lot of money.

In the process we learned that there are, as Mark Twain noted, lies, damn lies and statistics.  We learned that American medicine does the best job in treating cancer, shortest waiting times and bringing the latest medical innovations to the patient fastest.  We learned that American life expectancy is increasing.  We learned that, factoring traffic accidents and homicide, we have the best life expectancy on earth.  We learned that our infant mortality rate isn’t the best because we count premature births as live births unlike other countries who only count full-term births as live births.  And, we have highly skilled neonatologists that that actually try to save these premies.

We learned that for all the griping, most Americans are satisfied with their medical coverage.

We learned, surprise, surprise, that there will be rationing.  That rationing will be borne, in particular, by the elderly.  That rationing will be forced by penalizing the the top ten percent of doctors (in terms of resource use).

We learned, courtesy former Labor Secretary Reich, that if you’re old we’re going to let you die.  Further, don’t expect further increases in life expectancy since money for innovation will no longer be there.  Yet, for all the contractions and cuts in care and resources for care; for all the taxes proposed–many to fall squarely on the middle class–we still have “reform” that will destroy the level of care we have now and beggar this country, our children and their grandchildren.

Yet, folks like Reid and Pelosi persist.  Especially with their stalking horse for socialized medicine–the “public option.”  In some respects, it is almost an obsession of a gambling addict that keeps doubling the ante in the center of the table in hopes of winning the jackpot.

There is no reason for this “reform” when more reasonable alternative are available.  Equal tax treatment for all insurance plans whether purchased by an employer or an individual.  Allowing insurance companies to purchase plans across state lines.

No, the real reason is the push to bring the entire medical system under governmental control.  And, the folks pushing it the most are the Democratic leadership in both houses who all share a common trait of being superannuated Woodstock hippies who sense that this will be the last time, in a generation, that they can push medical socialization through.  For them, the leadership in particular, it will be the last time in their lives since most of these individuals are 70 or older.  These were the folks who were going to “change the system” by “working in the system.”  Now, at the end of their careers, having labored for so long in the vinyards of the hall of congress, they finally have the perfect convergence to get their dream of socialism through.  But, even now, their overreaching with things like the “stimulus” leave them just inches short.

They need to do this because socialized medicine is the surest vehicle to wreck a country.  France and Britain used to be major players in world affairs–with military muscle to back it up.  But, thanks to the enormous drain of resources by their respective social welfare programs, they are now, well, second rate.  Now, it is our turn.  This an attempt to so consume our country in spending and taxes so as to bleed every other priority dry–especially defense.  And, to run individual initiative and economic into the ground; bye bye American Exceptionalism.  These aging hippies will finally have the sure-fire solution to any future “Vietnams.”  A solution to America’s “horrible oppressions” in the world. Bankrupt America.


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