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The AMA’s Acid Test

Posted in medical by Eugene Podrazik on October 21, 2009

Now the Democrats are dangling the promise of averting planned Medicare reimbursement cuts before the AMA in return for support for “health care” reform. And, we shall see if the AMA will truly stand by our nation’s physicians and the finest health care system built by their hard work. Or, will they fall for the fraud.

Even if the “cuts” are restored, we still have a system that so grossly underpays that physicians will still need to cost shift in order to break even. Further, this “restoration” will only avert a cut in reimbursement from the current levels. Levels so bad that seniors are having trouble, even under the current reimbursement rates, finding physicians in the first place.

Also, in many respects, the Democrats aren’t really giving anything away.  Seniors vote and any Democrat should know a political third rail when they see one; after all they made Social Security one such.  The net effect is that those Medicare reimbursement rates were going to be raised back (er, maintained) to their current levels anyhow.

Ultimately, the only answer is “no.”  No, because this whole process of reform is a lie and fraud.  Baucus’ plan was supposed to be paid in part by a 500 billion dollar reduction in Medicare.  The 247 billion dollars to be “restored”  is half of the money slated to “pay” for health care “reform.”

The docs at the AMA should look to the object lesson of the insurance companies.  They signed on to “reform” under the supposition that community ratings and no pre-existing conditions would be offset by a robust mandate to sign up young uninsured persons.  But, when someone’s constituency got stepped on the mandate got watered down and the insurance companies got stuck with adverse selection nightmare that will, frankly, bankrupt them.  The insurance companies no longer had anything to lose by releasing the PriceWaterhouseCooper study.  They’re screwed anyway.

Ultimately, the real goal is a banana-republic style expropriation of one sixth of the economy.  It say no is to stay free.  Accepting the Medicare bribe is just negotiating the terms of your serfdom.


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