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The Fraud of Bacus-care

Posted in medical by Eugene Podrazik on October 8, 2009

Smoke, mirrors and accounting slights of hand and we have health care “reform” for only about 829 billion dollars.  It conveniently comes in under under Obama’s price tag of 900 billion dollars.  Wow.  Bacus may look and talk like Montana, but he’s been in Washington much too long; and gone totally native.  Because while 829 billion dollars is a real saving compared to 900 billion, here in fly-over land, 829 billion dollars is still a lot of money.

But, this is all a wink and a nod to sell a very expensive new entitlement that will cost far more than the 829 billion dollar loss leader.  This will be an entitlement that will grow to consume the federal budget and, indeed, the economy to transform America into a no-growth, no-job zone like everyone of Europe’s nanny states.  England, France and Germany used to actually be major players on the international stage.  But with social welfare, with “universal” health care leading the way, so consuming every mark, franc and pound (sorry, euro) there’s no money for the real priorities of a nation-state such as defense.  No, with universal health care coverage brought to you by the snuggle bears of Health and Human Services, we won’t have to worry about Afganistan, Islamo-fasism or the war on terror.  We simply won’t have the money to fight.

Let’s go through the fraud.  First, Obama will sign anything, something that carries the label of “health care reform.”  For all of his new found fiscal rectitude, he’ll sign if it cost ten bucks or ten trillion bucks.  Since the Bacus bill is only the skeleton for the final reform, we can more than expect the price to go up.  But, fear not, whatever the price, we can depend on an immediate loss of any fiscal scruples on Obama’s part.

About 500 billion dollars will come out of Medicare “savings.”  Like that’s going to happen.  Say what you will about making the wealthiest senior generation in the history of mankind footing more of the bill, they vote.  Expect, after a proper chastising at the polls in 2010, Congress to come back and restore every penny of Medicare.  You’d think, after the Democratic Party made Social Security the “third rail” of politics, that Bacus would recognize a third rail when he saw one.

Then, we have the taxation of the so-called Cadillac health plans.  This was supposed to raise some serious money.  I’ve read somewhere as much as 200 billion dollars.  Well, my dynamic scoring scores this income stream at zero.  You can expect every health insurance plan to carefully calibrate premiums to fall just under the limits of $8000 and $21,000 for individuals and families, respectively.  And, big labor hasn’t weighed in yet.

How about a tax on durable medical goods and devices.  Who uses such things as artificial hip and knee replacement?  Pacemakers?  Wheel chairs?  The same said seniors who are going to clobber the Democrats in 2010 over Medicare.  Another 30 billion dollars or so that are purely mythical.

So, what you have is a massive benefit cut for seniors.  And, we haven’t started to account for the most spoiled generation, the boomers, who will be joining demanding, with a capital “D,”  services as Medicare beneficiaries.

And, after looting the seniors, you have a bill that amounts to a huge middle class tax.

In some respect, it’s good that the Democrats have the majorities that they now possess.  Because they, in their arrogance, thought they somehow knew better and could in a mere six months remake the finest health care system on earth.  That they had answers and solutions, that somehow eluded the millions of professional that populate the health care system, that only they could see.  Of course its a creaky system; how could it be otherwise in dealing with the health needs of 300 million Americans.  So, we can now sit back and see the Democrat philosopher-kings, lead by Obama, Reid and Pelosi, come up with something better that the worker bees in the trenches are just too stupid to see.

Go ahead vote that bill.  And, better yet, do it in the dark of night before any has a chance to read it.  That bill will provide 1000 plus pages of GOP campaign material for 2010 and 2012.


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