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Spilling Secrets

Posted in biden by Eugene Podrazik on May 18, 2009

We learn that our Veep, Joe Biden, spilled the beans on the existence and location of a top-secret bunker reserved for the Vice President at the Vice Presidential residence at the Naval Observatory.  What was disturbing was the dissemination of such information was done at the Gridiron Club in a manner to set up a shot at former Vice President Cheney to create a impression of a “bunker mentality” and thereby Cheney’s off-the-wall policies.

Here again is another manifestation of a patently unserious administration that now thinks that state secrets are not only to pillory former out-of-office figures from the former administration.  Now, these same secrets are to serve as fodder for jest and humorous talking points.  Not once does it seem to occur that people, like Biden, are given a public trust and entrusted to keep this country safe.  And, this means keeping certain knowledge safe; safe for enemies who would use this information to harm our country and its citizens.  

There is a quaint practice, in the Senate, for the Senators to refer to each other as the Senior or Junior Senator from thus and such state.  Not, notice, a reference to a given Senator by his name.  But, this practice points to a fundamental fact that in filling a Constitutionally mandated office, you the individual lose that identity and become that office.  There is not to be a cult of personality, rather you the individual is subordinated to the Constitution and the office and duties that the Constitution mandates.  Your “feelings” and your “empathy” do not matter when wearing the mantle of power as specified by the Constitution.  

Yet, Joe Biden seems to regard those awesome duties as matter of personal choice.   That the person of Joe Biden is more important than the office of Vice President.  This is a man that barely two years out of law school, won an election as Senator.  And, has spent his entire adult working life drawing a paycheck as a US Senator; and now Vice President.  He is so inured to the trappings of power that he no longer has the perspective to understand the need to subordinate his person to the public trust that serves as the source of his power.  But, what perspective does he really have?  None, because his entire adult life has been in the bubble of power and prestige of being a Senator.  Never, ever, having to derive income by holding down a job that actually requires productivity.  

So, Joe Biden the person, now Joe Biden the Constitutional officer, who so regards all this power as his personal entitlement, makes jokes about state secrets.


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