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Farts and Breath; the Audacity of Global Warming

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on April 18, 2009

Let’s just put the concept to rest; that global warming is bad.  Long before the emergence of SUV’s the earth has warmed and cooled.  Probably secondarily to solar activity.  The biggest advances in human civilization occurred during periods of warming.  Longer growing seasons, more more land, further north, available for settling and cultivation and so on.  Here we see a case that some of greatest advances in civilization occurred during such periods of warm.  The Roman warming, from 300 B.C. to 400 A.D. coincided with the rise of Rome and the Pax Romana.  And, when earth starting cooling in 400 A.D. tribes from the north were pushed against the boundaries of Rome.  Rome fell and the dark ages commenced.  

In general, a rough pattern emerges.  Civilizational advances during times of warming and contractions during times of cooling.  Rome and the Pax Romana rose during the Roman warming only do fall with the onset of the dark ages in 400 A.D.  The Medieval warming from 900 A.D.  to 1300 A.D.  I would submit one of the factors that led to the Renaissance.  Now, since the end of the little Ice age since about 1850 is our current warming period with its contaminant advances in science, technology and prosperity.  

It all makes sense.  Cooling periods make less land available for food production and living.  Relative scarcity and crowding will lead, as it did, to famines and plagues.  And death.

So, given that some of these past warming periods greatly exceeded our current warming period, we have very little evidence that we have anything approaching a crisis.  In fact, the historical record would clearly show that warming periods produced untold benefit for the human race and cooling periods the reverse.  Of course, the bi-coastal elite trust-fund babies aren’t terribly worried that they will have to suffer the least privation that lesser humans will have to bear with the next cooling.

Let’s look at what the EPA now wants to regulate in the name of global warming–nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons.  These are gases released from volcanoes.  Go to Yellowstone National Park and smell the rotten egg smell around the geysers near Old Faithful.  Yes, sulfur compounds.  Naturally released from  volcanic activity that existed from time immemorial.  Long before an SUV ever graced the roads of Yellowstone NP.  (Lake Yellowstone is actually a super-volcano caldera.)  Maybe, in the name of global warming, Albert Gore needs to pave over Old Faithful.

And, the EPA wants to regulate methane and carbon dioxide.  The former is what we fart out and the latter what we breathe out.  We are going to regulate farts and breath.  

So, what we really have is a whole political movement based on fraud.  Not only is global warming not a problem, it historically has been times of some of the greatest advances in the human condition.  The warm that we now have is something to be welcomed and cherished; for hard times, dark and cold will come again.

The purpose of this fraud?  Global warming is the latest manifestation of a rapacious governing class, and their fellow travelers, to gin up a rationalization for even more power and revenue.  A rapaciousness so out of control that it will create any myth with only the thinnest veneer of “science” to create an excuse to regulate an newly discovered “health menace” and to impose an economy killing tax known as cap-and-trade.  Even if this regulation, at its core, is to regulate farts and breath.  Farts and breath.




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