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The Foreign President

Posted in obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on April 4, 2009

There was a reason our founding fathers posited a requirement in the US Constitution that the President of the United States be a  natural born citizen.  And, Obama proves the point.  Only by luck of his American citizen unwed mother getting knocked up  in Hawaii did Obama make the grade.  But, while technically a natural born US citizen, Obama has displayed all of the characteristics of a third-world cabinet minister (and I mean that comparison is a very negative sense); an EU or UN grandee.  Moreover, this is not an affectation, but an ingrained, reflexive characteristic  of a man who simply knows nothing else.

And, like the “bitter” comments, Obama’s bow to the king of Saudi Arabia probably wasn’t planned.  Or, planned in a manner to specifically offend American audiences.  Rather, it was an act that came to Obama naturally; an act of a third world cabinet minister showing the obeisance due to such a potentiate such as the king of Saudi Arabia.  Moreover, it was beyond the incompetence of his staff that failed to brief Obama; probably not even imagining that Obama would be so unschooled in such etiquette that Americans do not bow to anyone.

Tens of thousands of Americans lie dead, having taken up arms to defend that very point.  Starting with the dead that lay upon the Lexington Green in April 1775, we fought for a concept of liberty and equality that recognized that no one before God and before the institutions of our Republic stands above another.  To hold an office of public trust only, temporarily, as the first among peers.  But, never your superior.  For, in reality, the electorate is ultimately your boss.

But, Obama never grew up in that environment.  From the ages of six to ten, those first formative years as an elementary school student, were spent in Indonesia.  A Muslim country, with a Muslim father where the young Obama was listed on governmental records as a Muslim.  This was not the usual issue where the children of, say, military personnel, are schooled in American schools with a sense of America even in that foreign land.  An island of America thousands of miles from home.  Obama even attended a madrass during this period.  I doubt that the young Obama, though technically a natural born US citizen, in those first ten years of life had any sense of  being American.

And, so, this foreigner comes of age in America.  He is attracted to socialism which is a truly foreign concept to America and American exceptionalism.  Socialism arose in Europe in an environment of rigid social stratifications of royalty.  Socialism was the disaffected’s answer, the rabble rouser’s answer to overturn that rigid social stratification.  But, to overturn that rigid stratification with a new one with the once rabble rouser securely now occupying those upper tiers of that new system.  Merely a coup to displace the old power structure with a new equally authoritarian power structure.  One, in an egalitarian veneer, dispenses with such labels as king, duke or count and now replaces is with “minister of” or “president.”

So, our young, impressionable Obama seeks the company of vogue Marxist professors and aging radicals such as Ayers.  He seeks a political system, the Chicago machine, that functions like a third-world banana republic.  He seek religious solace from the like of Reverend Wright; who’s anti-semitism and anti-Americanism is the closest “Christian” theology to Islam.  

But, along the way, Obama missed out on why those thousands of American now lie dead on countless battlefields; Lexington, Concord, Antietim, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Cantigny, Chateau-Thierry, Belleau Wood, Normandy, Bastogne.  Obama missed out on the concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as being gifts of God (not Allah).  He missed out on the fundamental concept, reinforced by the conceit of an Ivy League education, that government is a servant of the people to create a framework of order and law to allow each individual to achieve his best.  That it is the efforts of millions of individuals that define the state and not the state that defines the individual.

But, for all of his life, Obama lived outside that experience.  And, instead of an American, an equal, with the authority of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights behind him, prime minister Obama subordinated the greatness that is America.  Subordinated the blood of thousands of Americans who made our founding documents more than just parchment and prostrated himself to a king.


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  1. djcnor said, on April 4, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    That’s pure distraction, of no importance. Do you think the rest of the first world nations are paying the least attention to what kinds of greetings the Obamas give other world leaders? Not a bit. They’re paying attention to the substance of the decisions made at the various meetings and whether the new President is intelligent and at all receptive and responsive to ideas coming from outside the US.

    I’m an American in England, and let me tell you, they are delighted with the US’s new President and particularly delighted that he knows something of the world outside the US and values the experience of much older nations and does not approach them with the arrogance some past Presidents have displayed.

  2. mountainmusings said, on April 5, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Starting with the Founding Fathers and the Continental Army, America is a country made of people who resigned as Europeans. Indeed, if you take the motivations of the Pilgrims in 1620, you had plenty of dissatisfaction with Europe some 150 years earlier.

    Nor, was it just English migrations. America, as a concept and nation has attracted the best and the brightest for its entire existence. Every immigrant is proof positive that what the old world has to offer is defective. I’m more than happy to extend every courtesy to our world brethren, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to prostrate myself to some “king” who is the grandson of desert tribe that had the luck of having a lot of oil that someone else discovered and someone else figured how to get it out of the ground.

    We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that says that no one is more equal before God and the law. We do not, for that reason, bow to each other regardless of our respective stations in life. And, the President, the first among peers does not bow to anyone because he has been entrusted with an office that represents to our nation and to the world those very principles so eloquently stated in the our Founding Documents.

    Finally, those gestures, such as bowing, are being watched by our enemies. It is those gestures that serve as a temptation to escalate. A weakness perceived or otherwise that leads others to probe even further. Nukes in Iran, a missile launch in North Korea, further intimidation by Russia to forgo missile defense for Eastern Europe. It’s like the “broken windows” concept of law enforcement. Looking after the little things deters the bigger stuff. Small gestures, overlooked, have a way of growing; growing into wars.

  3. djcnor said, on April 5, 2009 at 9:25 am

    Guess what. Europe has changed as much in the last 200+ years as the US has. Folks do all kinds of greetings every day, including bowing. All they mean is acknowledgement and respect, and there is nothing wrong with our President respecting other world leaders and expecting them to respect him as well. Do you judge what a person thinks of you by how they greet you formally, or by actions?

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