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A Case For The Ninety Percent Tax

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on March 22, 2009

Throughout the last ten to fifteen years, the executives that led these many financial, brokerage and banking firms on Wall Street, were a wholly owned subsisdery of the Democratic Party.  Who actually ran the social networks in the politically correct swamps of the Hamptons?  And, what did all of this butt-kissing buy?  Another Obama-style throwing under the bus.  The latest being the 90 percent tax on the AIG bonuses.


Maybe, at last, some of these oh-so avant-garde execuctives can now understand that when you’re in the business of creating wealth, you have a job that diametrically opposed to the role of government, which, in its Democratic-party form, is to skim wealth to buy votes.  And, if all of these bribes over the years would tame the ravenous wolf that is the taxman, they hopefully now understand that the demand for these bribes will only grow.

The silver lining of this 90 percent tax is that it will chase away more private sector players.  Hopefully, we may actually see some in the government realize that the real way out of this current economic downturn is through economic growth.  And, that growth will only come from the private sector.  More importantly, our oh so clever solons who now run the executive and legislative branches of our government may begin to appreciate that the private sector is to be respected and not regarded a flock of sheep to be fleeced to fund their personal whims and agendas.  It may even come to pass that trendy conversation out in the Hamptons may even find such topics as rule of law, bill of attainder, ex post facto, and property rights as passing the politically correct muster.


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