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Obama’s Ideology of Second Place

Posted in economics by Eugene Podrazik on March 2, 2009

“We can’t drive our SUV’s and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times…and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.”

The pillars that stood behind Obama at his Denver nomination acceptance speech were not evocative of ancient Athens, where the Athenian hoplites stood shoulder to shoulder in their phalanx to stop the maw of the Persian Empire at Marathon and Plataea.  It is not evocative of the Roman Republic were Rome’s citizen-soldiers filled the ranks of Rome’s legions.

No, it is evocative of Imperial Rome.  With Barack, divine Caesar , will dispense largess to the masses from the public treasury.  It is evocative of Leni Riefenstahl.

The first is a quote given by Obama, on a campaign stop in May  19, 2008.  In Oregon.  This represents yet, perhaps more elegant, blame-America-first speech.  SUV, eating and heating our homes, all wrapped up in the cloak of environmental correctness.  Just three more examples of America’s baleful presence upon the earth.  

But, this too was a real campaign promise.  A promise to rein big bad America.  It render America subservient to the rest of the “world.”  To make sure that our domestic and foreign policies are “okay” with the rest of the world.  Our national sovereignty will check in with some “world government,” some UN “consensus.”  With Obama himself, who, by virtue of his high melanin content and third world name graces the Oval Office with this magical “world cred.”

Riding this economic crisis is an exercise to lower American expectations.  To have American’s accept lessened hopes and dreams.  To extinguish the concept of American exceptionalism.  To prepare Americans to accept the new age of mediocrity and dependence (ht; William Katz, Urgent Agenda).  Commentators continue to critique Obama’s economic plans as exactly the wrong prescription to restore prosperity.  And, that’s exactly the point.  This economic plan is to destroy the legacy of growth and hope for a better tomorrow; to replace that hope with the acceptance of a permanent second place.  To accept that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must now subordinate to the will of “international” consensus.

Obama is a complete stranger to American exceptionalism.  He spend the first ten years of his life in the third world with a upbringing in the Muslim ideology (not religion).  An ideology that is a polar opposite to the defense of individual liberty; the centerpiece of Western Civilization.  And, when Obama came back to the US, his mind was well prepared to accept the ranting of Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and every chic Marxist professor that he ran into.  Not America the great, but America the second place.

And, to arrive at that state, he needs to build an electoral coalition of 51 percent who will permanently accept second place.  A 51 percent who will forever depend on the government to fill it’s needs and accept it largess as a birthright.  A 51 percent who will exchange it’s real birthright, the one secured by the Bill of Rights, for a mess of pottage.  A 51 percent who will look to the government for the proper cues on all manner of morals and attitudes.  

And, above all, a 51 percent who will forever look upon the other 49 percent as permanent tax slaves. For, that productive 49 percent, the real water carriers (to use CNBC’s Santarelli’s terminology), are the new Kulaks who must have the fruits of their productivity expropriated for being the rapacious, productive louts that they truly are.

Mr. Obama’s Ivy League credentials indicate that the man has at least enough intelligence to at least understand the principles that undergird free market economics.  Yet, he chooses to proceed in precisely the opposite direction and pursues spending policies that will leave a legacy that will beggar our grandchildren’s children.  On purpose.  He does to create a society that will permanently accept lowered expectations.  To create an inverse, where the state defines the individual.  Not, which is the source of our greatness, where the individual and his individual efforts define the state.  His policies invite us to accept serfdom and build our huts next to the moat and castle of the state.  To accept what ever pittance Obama and his acolytes will dispense in exchange for obedience to the diktats from his royal, heated to 72 degrees, court.

And, for that pittance you will accept Obama and his acolytes as your betters; your philosopher kings.   Rules and laws are for other people.  Boy-wonder  Geithner doesn’t have to taxes.  And, Obama, regardless that we bad Americans have to ask the “world” for permission to as to what to drive, eat and set our thermostats, will eat $100 per pound wagyu steak, drive around in a limousine based on a Chevy 2500 pick-up truck chassis and set the Oval Office thermostat to 72 degrees.  Hypocrisy by our betters, is okay with Plato, in his Republic, since our betters, in engineering and directing our lives, are above the law.

And, so for the pittance of the cradle to grave socialism.  For the beggaring of our children.  For permanent diminution of our horizons and hopes, we shall worship at the altar of whatever fad or fancy our leaders deem important.  The latest such fad is the false religion of environmentalism. We are to ignore the man behind the curtain and worship the great Oz, who tells us, despite real scientific evidence to the contrary, that “global warming” is threatening our planet.  And, we will save the earth by “cap and trade.”   The “green” agenda of “renewable” energy is actually a Luddite agenda.  The first solar photovoltaic cell was invented in 1883.  Wind power and windmills have been around since the middle ages.  

The horseless carriage has been in existence for over a century.  There have been battery cars and steam cars and all sorts of novel methods of propulsion.  The Prius is nothing new; it’s fuel efficiency is more due to the fact it’s a small light car.  A Ford Pinto, an AMC Gremlin, a Renault LeCar, updated to look good in front of a Starbucks.  How radical, innovative, is a internal combustion engine mated to a generator?  Every modern railroad locomotive uses a diesel engine to run a generator that powers motors to drive the locomotive forward.  A diesel Prius on steel wheels.

The fact is that we burn hydrocarbons for transportation and electrical generation because it turns out to be the most efficient and most economical way to accomplish the task at hand.  Yet, somehow, our all-knowing leaders, under the beneficent smile of our President, will find us a new, carbon-free solution known only to them; solutions that somehow eluded eluded the thousands  upon thousands of engineers who ever worked in the automotive or power generation industries.  But, of course, we lesser folks do not have the booby prize bauble from Stockholm like our new Energy Secretary (the Nobel Prize now places you in the company of Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat and Albert Gore).

But, no matter, our car czar will dictate the car we will drive, if we are deemed deserving to rate personal transportation and allowed to buy such a conveyance.  But, second class will be acceptable so long as we get our allotments of free food, housing and health care.  As long as we do not dare to aspire to a life or lifestyle that would exceed whatever would be “OK” with the rest of the world. 



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