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The Measure of the Man

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on February 13, 2009

As Nancy Pelosi is jamming this Trojan Horse of a “stimulus” bill, loaded with socialist manure, down the throats of America.  She’s moving fast since mulling over the details of what she really wants will ultimately kill the bill and spell electoral disaster for her party in 2010.   She probably knows that 2010 will be a disaster for the Democrats anyway.  So, she’s got to ram through a package with her socialist agenda before enough people get wind to stop it.  

Socialism doesn’t sell well in the light of day.  All it is is a pitch to join my tribe of 51 percent so we can take stuff from the undeserving 49 percent.  When enough Americans sit down and think about it, they realize it’s a bargain with the devil.  A bargain that leave one wondering if I will always remain a member in good standing in the 51 percent tribe.  

And, it not like that’s a great deal anyway.  You may wind up with a little more as compared to the 49 percent tribe.  But, only the elite, the self-styled philosopher kings really benefit; and do so in spades.  Seriously, look at Daschle.  Here’s a guy who gets in trouble for failing to pay 140 grand in taxes for the receipt of $250,000 of service being driven around in a limo.  A man of the people?  A prairie populist?  The new William Jennings Bryan?  Most people don’t have  the luxury of being able to deal with a $140,000 tax bill for income of a quarter of a million dollars of limo service in addition to another five million in consulting fees.  Five million trading on insider contacts.  This must be the new Grange movement now moved to Washington DC.

But, it not just the agenda that has a short shelf life.  No, Nancy has the measure of the man that now occupies the Oval office.  And, Obama has an equally short shelf life.  Once beyond this “stimulus” package and the honeymoon, Obama’s wheels are going to really come off.  Even now, he’s running with one wheel in the sand.  Already, you get a feeling that this guy isn’t ready for prime time.  His “indispensable” tax-dodging treasury secretary’s performance is already giving you the feeling that Obama hasn’t thought it through.  Or, he doesn’t care as long as he keeps his party’s interest groups well fed.

Cabinet nominee after nominee keeps falling to the wayside.  Tax dodging seems to be a common characteristic.  Or, influence peddling.  And, now Senator Gregg.  Obama still hasn’t got a full bench.

Surprising?  Not really.  Obama’s apprenticeship has been in the protected bubble of Chicago politics.  Promotion in the system is reward for party loyalty.  Every elective post is pre-ordained by the party leadership; with an election to provide the veneer of democracy.  So, instead of a mentorship of leadership, Obama grew up in an environment of promotion for political loyalty.  Now, he’s the ultimate leader with no experience in leading.  It’s one thing to fool enough people with enough promises to vote for you.  It’s quite another to lead.  To deliver on those promises.  To deliver on whatever he meant by “change.”  And, it another to lead when events, like war or economic crisis, develop a life of their own.

Socialism must exist, insulated, in a bubble of unreality.  And, there are other socialist gangs of 51 percent who want to puncture your bubble to take your stuff; there is no honor among thieves.  Very likely, you will see such a challenge in the form of a foreign policy disaster.  Iran detonates a nuke this year.  Maybe said nuke will be detonated over a US carrier task force in the Persian Gulf.  Or, Israel launches a preemptive strike against such a detonation.  Or, North Korea does something stupid on the DMZ; maybe with a nuke.

Obama will react like a deer staring into your headlights.  For the next three years and nine months.


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