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The Chicago Tribune Bankruptcy

Posted in economics by Eugene Podrazik on December 10, 2008

I guess, Col. McCormick, founder of the Chicago Tribune, tired of rolling in his grave over the Chicago Tribune’s liberal transgressions decided to take matters in his own hands and really spook up the place.  Is that smoke, emanating from the Tribune tower, courtesy McCormick’s poltergeist?  Or, is that chapter 11?

The lesson over the dropping fortunes of the major organs of the MSM is that printing liberal propaganda is not a winning business model.  The standard business school answer is that advertising income, particularly from the classified ads is the reason for the drop in revenues.  But, that misses the point that advertising is built on your ability to attract an audience, that will in buying your newspaper, will also be audience to those ads.

What newspapers are supposed to be selling is information; that is their draw.  From the one sided reporting this last election, we know that Obama is one step above God and McCain hails from somewhere in the lower circles of hell. Palin’s even lower; I think it’s called Alaska.  And, now these same MSM mavens, having elected Obama admit they really don’t know what he’s about.  An admission from the very heart of the MSM that they didn’t do their job in the first place by finding out and reporting that.  

And, now we’re expected these MSM rags and thereby pay for such incompetence in reportage.  Propaganda is advertising and is supposed to be free; it is expected to be provided for free.  Therefore, these newspapers shouldn’t be expecting to be paid for the moral equivalent of junk mail.  People, however, will pay for information.  So, it time to junk the highfaluting pretenses that come with that journalism degree on the wall and really start to wear out some shoe leather and get that scoop.  Not “context,” not biased interpretation, no interpretations period.  Just the story, just the facts.  I, thank you, will provide the perspective.

I note that one of the components of the bankrupt Tribune Company is WGN.  And, WGN broadcasts Bozo’s Circus.  Maybe the unemployed Tribune staffers could take turns filling in for Bozo. 

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