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Institutionalized Hate

Posted in islam by Eugene Podrazik on December 10, 2008

In the searching for answers over the motivations for the murders in Mumbai, one central reason is the “religion” itself.  And, no amount of moral equivalence, no amount of comparison to the failing of the world’s other major religions will hide the  fact that what Muhammad put forth in the desert in 600 AD remains the primary motivation for the murderous rampage in Mumbai.

Have other religions been involved in violence; or, more correctly have others used a particular religion to foment violence?  The answer is yes.  But, to take Christianity as an example, violence was never at the behest of it founder, Jesus Christ.  Moreover, as this amalgam of Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman philosophies that we call Western Civilization evolved over the centuries, there came a understanding that rights reside in the individual and not on tribal, majoritarian or religious affiliations.

In particular, in the Anglo-sphere, the English Enlightenment further advanced this concept to its current reflection, in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as a separation of church and state.  Religion is a private affair, a private affair of individual morality.  It is a reflection of a religious philosophy that believes that man was created with the ability to know God and the free will to accept him.  Moreover, as an ultimate reflection of the supreme importance of individual rights, it is a religious philosophy that states that man is created in the image of God.  It is a religious philosophy that will, at the Last Judgement, have every individual standing before God to be judged for his actions, good and bad, performed over his life.  No Nurembergian collective guilt.

And, it is this concept of the individual that has kept US history relatively and remarkably free of sectarian strife and violence.  And, when such violence occurs, it is indeed the isolated doings of a depraved individual; in a very literal sense.  It is the doings of one depraved man who, in shot up a Jewish day-care center in Southern California back in the 90’s.  And, it is for this reason, that these acts are clearly regarded as completely beyond the pale.  No one had any reason to suspect that this was a conspiracy, or would create a paper or money trail, that would track into the hierarchy of any Christian group or church organization.  It is generally recognized that sectarian violence, Chiristianity in this example, 

And, it is this lack of infrastructure that makes non-Muslim sectarian violence so isolated.  And, it is infrastructure that makes the rampage of Islamic imperialism so different, so commonly different.  Acting alone, even in a relatively liberal regime of American gun laws, it is difficult to acquire anything beyond a semi-automatic rifle.  Moreover, it is difficult to purchase a quantity of such guns without creating suspicion or notice that something is amiss.

In interrogation of the one surviving attacker, Muhammad Ajmal Kasab, 21, we find he was recruited off the street by the Lashkar-i-Taiba when Kasab was a teenaged punk without education or prospects.  And, so you have to ask how a penniless waif gets his hands on a automatic weapon, scads of ammunition, hand grenades and explosives.  How did he then get the training, passports, visas and money to then travel from Pakistan to India?  Where did the planning, intelligence, and coordination come from?  

Then, courtesy Power Line, we find that the children of Somali immigrants are, without their parents knowledge or approval, being recruited to go a-jihading back in Mogadishu.  Of the three that just missing, since November 5th, one is underage; a 17 year old Burhan Hassan.  Or, a Shirwa Ahmed, who traveled alway from Minnesota to be found dead as the perpetrator of a suicide bombing mission that killed 29 people last October.

Again, where did the money come for the plane tickets?  What about passports and visa?  Or, more likely, who faked the passports?

Even if every mosque and imam wasn’t involved in fomenting the ideology or providing cover for the money trail, you still are left with the situation that we have one particular “religion” that is the central organizing ideology that foments this violence.  

Okay, most Muslims are non-violent.  But, a significant plurality buy into the concept of  a religious superiority that will not accept other religions as peers.  You’ve surveys, in England, among Muslims that show significant support for the Sharia supplanting British rule of law.  And, finally, even if you have only one percent of all Muslims supportive of the kind of violence so amply demonstrated in Mumbai, you have to remember that one percent of a billion is still a pool of some ten million persons.  

One finally must conclude that there is a difference since in most other religions, specifically abjuring violence, you would be hard pressed to find a literal handful of individuals will to commit this kind of violence; much less finding even one percent will to do so.  And, one must conclude that this one percent exists because they are supported by an infrastructure that facilitates such violence.  There is a theological imperative for the expansion of Islam.  There is money, being fungible, flowing through all sorts of Islamic organizations; and somehow winding up to facilitate violence.

Where are there such analogous organizations in, say, Christianity?  Where is there such cooperation between governmental entities to facilitate, or at least look the other way, at the planning and perpetration such violence?  Yet, there is a symoiosis and synergy between religious “belief” and an organizational infrastructure that foments this violence to further the aims of Islam.

Many experts on Islam, probably rolled their eyes at President Bush’s “Religion of Peace” remark in the days following 9/11.  I think it was probably a significant strategic mistake, since we’re not fighting a war against an ideology; not terror.  But, at the time I think Bush was giving Islam the benefit of the doubt.  Now, looking back over the last seven years, and seeing tactics that hearken back to Aztec rituals of human sacrifice, it becomes clear that the burden of proof of peaceful intent falls upon the Islamic world. 







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