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The Islamofascists of Penzanze

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on November 20, 2008

Rush Limbaugh makes a point of noting that Somali pirates are Muslim terrorists. Moreover, while Somali’s fundamentalist militias have been hostile to these pirates, evidence suggests that some of the ransom money has found its way into the coffers of Al Shabaab, a group on the US terrorist list. 

So, now we have the Saudi flagged tanker, the MV Sirius Star, seized on the high seas off the coast of Tanzania hundreds of miles from the Somali bases. With the money involved, the question is whether a fix is in.

Consider, even in this day of GPS technology, that finding things on the high seas is hard to do, even supertankers. Especially, when you consider the visibility from the vantage point of a small craft. If you’re in a speedboat, you’re low in the later, bobbing in and out of troughs of successive waves. Yet, these “pirates” managed to track down one ship; a real prize by virtue of the millions of dollars worth of oil. And, do so having watercraft capable of operating far over the horizon out of sight of the shore.

Given the tens of thousands of ships that ply these sea lanes annually, one could argue that this was just getting really lucky. Or, did someone know exactly where to go. And, if so, given that this is a Saudi flag ship, is this some shake down scheme to funnel money into these Muslim fundamentalist terrorist groups.

I mean, “How could we help it? We just had to pay. We’re just trying to get our guys back.”

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