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Buying a Royal (Socialist) Future

Posted in economics, politics by Eugene Podrazik on November 3, 2008

The example of former NJ Senator, now governor, Corzine is the instructive example. So, is the wealthy, self-financed opposition to Senator McConnell from Kentucky. This is a pattern of the Democrats finding wealthy individuals to run for national office on their own dime. Where, such self-financing is unavailable, the Democrats have managed to exploit every fund-raising loophole in the book and cheat as well.  And, it is not the twenty or fifty bucks from the little guy.  But, it is large dollar contributions from very wealthy individuals.

These are individuals that will still gas up their SUV’s and private jets with ten dollar per gallon gas. They don’t worry about mortgages since real estate is now a commodity to them. Taxes longer matter since they have their wealth imbedded with so many protections such as trust funds. Or, money quietly salted away overseas; Rangle isn’t an exception just stupid for letting his Bahamas cookie jar come to light. Many expenses that would come out of after tax dollars for lesser mortals are in-kind income in the form of “business expenses.” And, in any event, these are people who are in such demand that they can easily command compensation that factors out any tax increase their Democratic party fellow travelers may unleash on the rest of the country.

What gives? It seems as if the country club Republicans are now the country club Democrats.

But, this behavior makes sense. It is the attraction to socialism that now makes the Democratic party the party of the rich and powerful. Because, socialism is ossification of social mobility. It is a system to allow those who have made it to slam the door on those who want to make it. It is a system that allows those in power to maintain that power against all challengers and to pick and choose who will be allowed to join them. Kind of like king-making in Chicago Machine politics.

It is in fact an ossification of social mobility that very much resembles royalty. Instead of honorifics as count, earl or duke we have new honorifics as CEO and CFO. Socialism is merely royalty dressed up in 20 or 21st century clothing.

The attraction to socialism, or royalism, is obvious. These individuals know they how they made their money. Or, how it made one or two generations prior. It came from two factors; see and exploiting a need in the current status quo and thereby upending it. And, it always involved bringing, to the common man, some good or service heretofore reserved for the rich and powerful.

Standard Oil was about the rationalization of the oil industry to bring kerosene cheaply to the public. Kerosene represented cheap, clean and safe indoor lighting.

Henry Ford wasn’t about the Model T; but about bringing personal transportation to the masses. Prior to that personal transportation was carriages, horses and livery; all very expensive and reserved to the rich. Were the environmentalists’ jihad against the internal combustion engine to succeed, it would leave the common man at the mercy of government for transportation, Amtrak and inter-city busses.

William Levitt wasn’t about Levittown but about bringing the equity of home ownership again to the masses. That is, in the pre-ACORN era when equity was built out of 20 percent down, 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

All of this economic activity now needs to be controlled so as to prevent any more upstarts from horning in on the field of privilege that these Democrats want to keep for themselves. So, now Joe-the-Plumbers need to be slapped down with high taxes. Little business needs to be carefully regulated, lest another bright idea pours forth from someone garage to take the world by storm.

And, if you can’t tax new ideas into oblivion, you’ve got the cap-and-trade of carbon credits. This is just a modern National Recovery Act wet dream. (And, if you coordinate that with any obeisance to the UN, you’ve just elevated the UN to the status of the League of Nations.) For the well connected, those with lots of campaign cash, bribing the cap and trade commissars will just be just another business expense. Joe-the-plumber is just going suck in up as a wage slave.

The attraction of the Democrats to the rich is the ability to create an exclusive circle of power and privilege and have the government patrol the perimeter to keep it secure. Secure from the unwashed masses, the lumpenproletariat.

Socialized medicine? You can bet that the elite will never face the prospect of lowest common denominator medical care. Lowest common denominator being the state of all things socialist. But, such a system will have the ability to emasculate one of societies most objective meritocracies. Further, the degree of MD has been one of the most efficient ways to propel individuals from the lowest to the highest socio-economic strata in a single generation.

The last thing we need is independent doctors refusing to participate in abortions or euthanasia. Frankly, I don’t think the elite care about abortion, per se. What they care about is the arbitrary power of life and death without due process, and, as an added bonus, an ability to stick it to Judeo-Christian morality. Further, with socialized medicine will come rationing. The most expensive hospitalization is your last one and the most expensive year, medically, is your last year of life. One-third of all Medicare expenditures cover those expenses. What wonders a $40 vial of penothal will do for rationing medical care; especially since it’s a multi-use vial.

But, Greenspan, will be allowed to live since he made his confession to congress, al la Cultural Revolution style, that lack of regulation was the reason for our latest financial meltdown. He’ll also be allowed to remain on the Georgetown cocktail party A-list.

In many respects, the Democrats and Republicans are reverting to form; circa 1860. Here we had the Democrats fighting for the status quo with the Republicans fighting to abolish slavery and polygamy. Polygamy was the “gay marriage” issue of that day. Lost in the carnage of the Civil War was the Abraham Lincoln of individual economic opportunity. It was Lincoln who fought for policies that would give the average man a crack at an independent means of support; modern translation, small business. 

It was the Land-grant University, the Morrill Act of 1862, that expanded educational opportunity. A system of higher education to teach agriculture (food to feed people not distill into ethanol), military tactics (ROTC, not peace studies), mechanic arts (we have a country to build and not deconstruct) and classical studies (not queer studies and anger management). 

Lincoln push through the transcontinental railroad. With such, utterly inaccessible land on the plains and in the inter-mountain West now became available for economic opportunity. Especially land, the one commodity, that more than any in Europe, that distinguished royalty from the serf.





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