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Powell and the Seduction of DC

Posted in obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 21, 2008

The Powell endorsement of Obama is another disgusting example of the seduction of the culture of power. He’s another example of yet another power player who’s “gone native.” 

Here’s a man who’s a “transformative” figure by working up the brutal hierarchy of the US Army to become the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Arguably, as the ranking officer of the US military, if you want to get into the race thing, the most powerful black man in human history. Further, it was the US military, despite many painful fits and starts that actually has become the closest thing to a color-blind meritocracy. As if an Obama presidency is going to be such a novelty.

We have a man, in Powell, who was secretary of state, courtesy a GOP administration. We have a man who was considered a strong presidential contender back in the 90’s. A presidential contender who could have easily reached out to “bitter” America; and, who by his service in uniform would have been eagerly embraced by those very “bitter” Americans. Instead, Powell defers to an empty suit, a Chicago political machine hack, as the transformative figure. It’s unbelievable that a man like Powell would stoop to a man who hasn’t placed one toe on the first rung of the ladder that Powell has already climbed. 

Then, we have a man, who by his rank in the US Army, as Secratary of State, is intimately privy to the leadership challenges are going to face the new president. And, he, like his comrade-in-arms McCain, had similar formative experiences as junior officers in the same conflict in Vietnam. Both, knew from firsthand experiences that the enemy they fought weren’t agrarian reformers as portrayed by Obama mentor Ayers, but ideological monsters who would unleash genocide in the name of their ideology. He saw the effects of defeat when he had to revitalize our “hollow military.”

Powell saw the suffering in Southeast Asia when America left; the genocide know as the Killing Fields, the Vietnam re-education camps and the Boat People. But, Powell has “grown” in Washington. Apparently, such concerns as the suffering of these peasants in Southeast Asia pale in comparison to the “One.” The suffering and death that will ensue, when we abandon allies in the Middle East to the cruel mercies of Islamic Imperialism, are simply unimportant to the coming of Barack, the Messiah.

Then, maybe there’s a more venial reason. A favor. Like Admiral Crowe who got an ambassadorship to England for endorsing Clinton, maybe Obama has a similar favor in store for Powell. Chicago style.

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