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Biden; A Reminder of the Past

Posted in biden, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 21, 2008

Biden’s gaffe about Obama’s being tested by a foreign policy crisis once again reflects on how long it’s been since the days of Carter. It may or may not resonate with the electorate for the simple fact that truly execrable foreign policy has not been seen in literally a generation. Not since the culmination of the Carter presidency and its handling of the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and 1980.

Once again, demographics. Using the age of 18 as the age of political coming of age, we first focus on the high school class of 1972. This was the last class that faced the draft. Though they had to live through a doubling of Carter’s “misery index” (all on Carter’s watch), they did so on the sidelines since many of these individuals were in college, grad school and the like. Since, they were only starting you, things like double digit prime interest rates didn’t come into play since they weren’t ready to buy a home. Bracket creep wasn’t much of a factor either, just out of school. BTW, remember those terms?

And, once Reagan took office, these individuals were on their way riding what would be 30 years of economic growth. Those that turned 18 in 1980 only knew of a world of economic growth. Under Reagan’s helm, some of the greatest threats to peace were eliminated by Reagan. So, here’s an entire demographic of Americans, 54 years of age and younger, who have no concept of what war or privation really are.

Now, Biden warns us of what we will get under Obama, or Carter II. Biden should know because he’s one of the few who sat at the levers of power during the Carter administration. He’s the institutional memory as to just how pernicious the liberal/Democratic world view truly is when it come to foreign policy. He should know since, back then he was considered one of the Democratic up and comers. And, there in the 70’s, Biden had a front row seat to Carter blinking at every foreign policy challenge that came his way. The Iranian hostage crisis, because it involved the storming the American embassy, involved an attack on American soil–an act of war. And, this by an Iran that was decades away from nuclear weapons. Will pass over how “shocked, shocked” Carter said he was when the Russians invaded Afghanistan.

Iran, perhaps less than a year away from a functioning nuke, has already turned down Obama’s offer for an unconditional chit-chat. And, Iran is now already setting pre-conditions for such a set of talks. You can practically bet the farm where that Obama’s first crisis is coming from Iran. Is Obama ready for a preemptive strike? Will he let the Israelis overfly Iraq to attack Iran? Biden just gave us the answer. Because he’s seen it before. He’ll blink.

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