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The ACORN Democrats

Posted in democratic party, economics, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 17, 2008

To go back to the Hayek basics, socialism is nothing more than an arbitrary group of people deciding that one group of people, including themselves, are more deserving of some “good” than some other group of people. Then use the coercive power of government to transfer that “good” from the less deserving to the more deserving. Like transferring wealth to the blond, blue-eyed Aryans. Transferring land from the despicable kulaks to the deserving proletariat. Or, free homes as reparations from the racist banks and money lenders. As an aside, it just occurred to me, with Jessie Jackson bravely blazing the trail, it will soon be politically correct to utter the word “Zionist” and the words “money lender” in direct juxtaposition. 

Ultimately, socialism is prostitution. It is selling your birthright of freedom, dignity and principles for the mess of pottage by joining the group that will take, for themselves, what they never really earned. Oh, yes, such takings will be rationalized by all sorts of imagined grievances. In fact, we have whole universities devoted to just that theorizing; by studying the holy scriptures of Karl Marx.

Socialism is the perfect ideology for the Walter Mitty-types; inconsequential twits, who wouldn’t get the time of day, now have the ability to exert influence grossly out of proportion to any real work or contribution to truly deserve such influence. This is why we have academia; these are sheltered workshops for the psycho-socially handicapped.

In the spirit of Lenin, where any action that further socialism is good, we have ACORN systematically destroying the concept of the secret ballot. They, in their minds, are in the pursuit of such holiness that systematic cheating is their perogrative. And, so they register, and will try to vote, illegal aliens, Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

And, as they unburden the less deserving of their purported ill-gotten wealth, some how a whole bunch of the money somehow winds up in their pockets. Carrying cost, don’t you know. Everyone in the Democratic party doesn’t come to Washington rich, but everyone seems to leave quite well off. By doing good for the unwashed proletariat, the Democratic elite seem to do well. Not bad for the party of the “working man.” Obama’s barely been a Senator for two years and he’s got a 1.5 million dollar mansion. pretty good for a ward heeler, er, community organizer.

Except, the working man just doesn’t seem to get it. Joe the plumber was supposed to fulfill his role in Plato’s Republic as the foil to his philosopher king; to the great compassion of the “One” as he graced his working class neighborhood with the luminescence of his understanding for the plight of the “common” man. Joe the plumber was supposed to realize he was to serve as a prop in the Potemkin village of Obama’s socialist narrative as he ascended to the White House. But, Joe had the unbelievable temerity to open his mouth and blaspheme the holiness that is Obama.

Remember those old Charles Atlas don’t-let-the-bullies-kick-sand-in-your-face? You know Obama would make a great model for the before picture. And, Joe or Todd (Palin) would be perfect for the after picture. Frankly, Obama’s just the dweeb that the likes of Joe or Todd worked over in the alley behind the bar. Obama, just walked into the wrong bar and opened his mouth. Joe took him out back and taught him some manners.


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