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Polish Comes from the City; Wisdom from the Desert

Posted in mccain, obama by Eugene Podrazik on October 9, 2008

So wrote Frank Herbert in his science fiction masterpiece, Dune. Or, as Reba McEntire says, “don’t trust your soul to no backwoods, southern lawyer.” So, who won the debate last Tuesday? We’ll know on November 4th.

But, will the impressions from the debate hold? The one’s that gave the debate to Obama? Will the electorate, after spending the afternoon with the fast talking insurance salesman, think twice when they look at that contract on the kitchen table that evening?

Obama won in the eyes of the chattering classes, liberal and conservative. Because despite differences in political outlook, these commentators share a certain expectation of what a good performance is. Biases held from their days on the high school debate team. Lawyers evaluating the performance of another lawyer such as the writers of Power Line. Or, folks with a show business background like Mr. Katz of Urgent Agenda.

But, does such prized qualities as smooth delivery and a flawlessly cut Italian suit to match really impress? From my daily dealings with my patients, I would submit, perhaps not. I’ve found that in discussing treatment options to my patients that I must be careful not to fall into medical-ese or jargon. More importantly, I must bridge an educational gap and yet not violate the dignity and intelligence of my patient. I must speak simply and clearly but remember that I have absolutely no right to condescend or patronize. There’s a fine line between your patients expectation of professionalism and their expectation for the common touch. 

I remember, back in the summer of 1980, attending a summer picnic put on by my uncle’s local veteran’s post. What I remember were the continual jokes and ridicule directed at then President Carter. As my father pointed out, it was these comments that spoke more of the upcoming election than any poll or commentator; and why Reagan was going to win.

Therefore, what was on display, last Tuesday was one man, McCain, who has a genuine salt of the earth quality. A guy who could easily walk into the feed store to buy some Carhart overalls, put them on, then walk onto the shop floor without turning a head. 

Sitting next to him was the well turned out Obama. But, was that really well dressed and thoughtfully articulate. Or, was that slick and sharp? Could you really imagine this man other than in the setting of Starbucks? Could you imagine him operating my New Holland tractor? Uh, no, Obama’s welcome to drive the country off the cliff, but not with my toy.

I write this just as the Zobgy poll just came out. We’ll see.

Finally, don’t go on about Sarah Palin’s power suits. Because when she takes off the suit, she can bag a moose and field dress it. Just like she did to Biden.

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