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Ayers Ghosting for Obama?

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on October 9, 2008

A number of posts on other web sites are now commenting on Obama’s hidden past. There’s evidence that Obama was once a member of a socialist party, the New Party. (Power Line) Something never mentioned by Obama. Much like the Obama memory hole down which his Columbia years have disappeared. Ayers was just a guy living in the neighborhood back then, too.

More of a pile up of dirty laundry that Obama and his enablers in the MSM seem to be hiding. It begs the question; if socialism and folks like Ayers are such great things for this country, shouldn’t it would be readily apparent and be shouted from the roof tops? 

Now, another interesting commentary and allegation. No, this is not conclusive. But, worth investigation. Here’s a post on the American Thinker that thinks that Ayers ghosted Obama’s memoir, Dreams of My Father. If true, Obama’s in good company with his plagiarizing vice-presidential running mate. There’s nothing new about politicians having ghost writers. But a 34 year-old ward heeler? And, if so, it’s not that he had editorial help, but who that editorial help was. Read the post and decide.

But, if true, we really have a guy who’s never going to be ready for prime time. Dreams of My Father, came out in 1995. Obama was 34 then. Sorry, but what kind of insights does a community organizer and Chicago machine foot soldier have to offer to the world? Besides, at that point in Obama’s career, he should have written the darn book himself as demonstration of his credentials of his worth for further advancement. And, seriously, what in heaven’s name is a 33 year-old doing writing an autobiography. Usually, at that age, you’re in the process of building a career. Obama’s got a self-esteem problem on steroids. Besides, autobiographies are for old folks, who by a lifetime of experience, actually might have some wisdom to offer. 

By contrast, George Washington was a Major in the Virginia militia at the age of 20. Between the ages of 22 and 26 was involved in the French and Indian War. At the age of 43, Washington was the commander-in-chief of the continental forces of the American Revolution. And, it was Washington that saw that conflict to a successful conclusion in 1783. That’s executive experience; somehow all done without a soul-searching autobiography.

Or, if we’re talking about publications, Jefferson, at the tender age of 33 was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence. And, JFK, in 1943, at the age of 26, was in command of PT 109.



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