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Obama, Lies and Ayers II

Posted in democratic party, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on October 6, 2008

What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?  As in Bill Ayers. 

Again, I must emphasize that Obama and Ayers were the principal board members on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. This board disbursed on the order of 100 million dollars in its five or so years of existence. 

So, without doing the slightest digging there are two points that tie Obama most intimately to Ayers.

First, how did an obscure ward heeler, I mean community organizer, get plucked from obscurity to a role in overseeing 100 million dollars. When it comes to spreading graft in the Chicago Democratic political machine, none of this happens by chance. Someone had to know Obama and of his loyalty to the Chicago political machine. 

I would suggest that Ayers had a role in plucking Obama from obscurity. William Ayers had connections as the son of Thomas Ayers, president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison–the monopoly electrical supplier for Chicago and Northern Illinois. Who paid for the legal firepower that got son Billy off on a technicality? 

Secondly, by virtue of dispensing 100 million dollars, Obama and Ayers knew each other intimately. I submit that 100 million dollars is prime fasciae evidence of that fact. Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom fame couldn’t get away with he didn’t know what his CFO was doing. And, I’m not buying Ayers is, was or ever could be just a guy in the neighborhood.


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