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Where’s Obama; Where’s Pelosi

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 29, 2008

The contrast is so stark.

On one hand, McCain comes to Washington to encourage the House GOP to stay in the game and come up with a rescue plan. He knows it will not make everyone happy. But, he did it in the name of serving country, placing partisanship on the back burner. Also, knowing there were delicate negotiations going on, he pulled his punches in the debate last Friday night.

What was the response?

First, is Obama AWOL. Obama, as presidential nominee is the leader of the Democratic party. Had he publicly said so, he could have easily gotten the votes needed for the passage of the financial rescue plan by the House. But, he did nothing. Once again, Obama was “present.”

Then we have Pelosi. There’s no sugar coating her speech just before the vote. It was blatant partisan attack. It did what it was designed to do; cause the rescue bill to fail. And, I suspect that her speech was well orchrestated with the Democratic leadership.

Its obvious was the play is. Pelosi feels that she will retain a majority in the House, regardless, and is confident that the Senate will retain a Democratic majority too. So, she’s got nothing to lose. 

Rather, she’s trying to prolong the crisis and even worsen it so as to saddle the GOP with the blame while keeping Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac intact as Democratic favor machines.

Damn the long term consequences; no matter if we descend into another depression. It is now clear this crisis is being used to re-create the conditions of the 1932 election and to relive the New Deal glory days. 




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