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Obama, Lies and Ayers

Posted in democratic party, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 28, 2008

Obama’s been trying to bury his relationship with Ayers to the extent that his partisans have attempted to intimidate local Chicago media. There have been efforts to block Stanley Kurtz research from source papers at the Richard J Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ayers was more than just a guy in the neighborhood. Whether in Chicago or in Manhattan.

But to understand the relationship, one needs to follow the trail of evidence:

First, Bill Ayers has other sources of power and connections than those that stem from his younger days as a terrorist bomber. He is the son of Thomas G Ayers, former Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison; now Exelon Corporation. Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is the sole power utility for Chicago and Northern Illinois. Inasmuch as it is large, loaded with money and regularly needs to go before various commissions to justify power rate hikes, it is political. No surprise, this is the Chicago Democratic machine. As such, Thomas Ayers would have regular professional, political and social contact with the top movers and shakers in Chicago Democratic Machine politics.

Next, one of the more charming characteristics of the Chicago Democratic Machine is nepotism. Even if your offspring is one of the black sheep, there are a myriad of less than public ways your offspring can be cared for. So, after Ayers came back in from the cold, allowed some time to allow the past to bury itself, connections going back to daddy could come into play. Say, like a tenured teaching position at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Now, we have a unique crossing of paths at Columbia University. It was here that Obama completed his bachelor degree in 1983. And, it was here Bill Ayers got a two Masters and a Doctorate degree in education at Bank Street College (in Manhattan) and Columbia University.

Years pass and both Ayers and Obama wind up in Chicago. It is, frankly, no surprise that Ayers would become a principal in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). Despite his sordid past, a common characteristic of any Chicago Machine politician, Ayers had connections.

But, how do you explain the elevation of a young Chicago southside “community organizer” like Obama? Here’s a guy with no roots in the Chicago Machine, familial or otherwise. Yet, this then obscure machine flunky is raised to be the other principal of the CAC.

Okay, you can dismiss all of the above as coincidental or circumstantial. But, being a principal, on par with Ayers, of an organization that distributed on the order of 100 million dollars is prima facie evidence that Ayers and Obama were thick as thieves. Even in this day of 700 billion dollar bailouts, 100 million dollars is still a lot of money. To say that Ayers was just a casual relationship, just a guy in the neighborhood, is a bald faced lie. Even if Kurtz was blocked from the CAC source papers at the Richard J Daley Library at UIC and then silenced by thugs from the neighborhood local, 100 million dollars is stand-alone evidence of a close relationship, extending over years, between Obama and Ayers.

For an obscure nobody as Obama to be given the trust of 100 millions dollars meant that someone knew him. And, once on board, there is no way that you are not going to know about your fellow principals. I suspect that Obama knew all about Ayers. But, given his political proclivities and the political environment in Chicago, that background didn’t matter. Didn’t matter until he had to deal with a world outside his tight, radical political cloister, out in “bitter” America, where things such patriotism, duty and honor really do matter. 


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