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The Photo Op

Posted in economics, mccain, obama by Eugene Podrazik on September 25, 2008

What is going to be particularly delicious about the White House summit for this economic summit will be some photo of President Bush flanked by Senators McCain and Obama.

In the center, will be Bush. He’ll look resolute, but the wear of eight years of presidency will show on his face. On one side will be McCain. He’ll have his usual bulldog look.

Then on the opposite side, looking like the before picture on those don’t-let-the-bullies-kick-sand-in-your-face-Charles-Atlas ads will be Obama. Looking like a recalcitrant teenager just hauled into the principle’s office for smoking in the bathroom. Peeved that his important work as savior was interrupted by this pedestrian, bourgeoisie capitalist trifle. 

The beauty will be that such a picture will be a jarring contrast with Obama’s carefully cultivated post-partisan cool. No matter how he tries to spin this crisis, there will be a picture of him at the center of the storm; only with him documented as playing second fiddle.

And, there’ll be a picture of him making it impossible to fob off the problem on someone else. Because, next to him will be his opponent, who pushed for the very reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that would have averted the crisis. There will be McCain who, of his own inititative dropped his campaign and came to Washington DC to wade right into the middle of the crisis; with the resolve to solve, and not talk about, this problem. 

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