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Country First; McCain’s Suspended Campaign

Posted in democratic party, economics, gop, mccain, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 24, 2008

It’s very likely that McCain’s suspended campaign will be viewed as a political “stunt” or “ploy.” But, this is typical McCain who is going to put important matters ahead of the personal. And, running for president, being an optional activity, is personal. But, here’s a man who prioritizes a major crisis that could plunge our country into a depression over continuing a presidential campaign. This is a crisis, of enough proportion, to be the moral equivalent of war. War, as McCain very well knows, is never convenient. 

It will give America a chance to see the spirit of Cinniantus in action. Here’s a man, at the drop of a hat, is ready to leave his plow in the field in order to serve Rome. And, if that’s a political “stunt,” it’s time we start to see a lot more of those stunts.

And, on the other side is Obama. His political world view is that of a Chicago politician; using tax and spending policies to perpetuate a political machine. Economic policy amounts to spending public funds to reward your friends and, with taxes, punish your enemies. Foreign policy and other such crises are inconvenient distractions to be papered over by all means; only to be dealt with to the extent that the crisis situation can be exploited for further power. More forceful dealings with such crises are only to be undertaken in order to prevent that crisis from degrading your power base. 

Frankly, Obama’s absence in Washington DC is entirely in character with a man who has not clue as to how to deal with this financial meltdown. His presence will only serve to display that cluelessness.  Further, given his financial coziness with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I think he doesn’t want to be anywhere near the scene of the crime. 

And, so we have the measure of both men. One, McCain, is going to wade right in; putting aside his personal agenda. And, the other, Obama, is much to busy to be inconvenienced by anything in his busy schedule on the way to his coronation.

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