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The President and Race

Posted in obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 22, 2008

Here’s an AP story (via Urgent Agenda) about how misgiving about race could cost Obama the election. Ohhhhhh! Because we’re raaaaaacist and biiiiiiigoted, the Messiah will be denied what was ordained in Heaven, the Oval office for Obama.

Obama’s in trouble because he’s a fraud. Post-partisan and post-racial he isn’t. 

Obama’s been in with the Chicago Democratic machine from the day he left college. Community Organizer? That’s double speak for ward heeler; for get out the vote for machine candidates. And, the rest of his Chicago career fits right in with a man who never once crossed the machine. 

His tenure as chairman on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge may be deemed a failure by virtue of doing nothing to improve Chicago’s public schools. But, from the standpoint of distrubuting fifty million dollars worth of graft to the machine’s friends, it was a smashing success.

Obama could have tipped the balance in helping to elect a reform candidate for president the Cook County Board. But, he toed the line and supported Stroger.

And, true to Chicago machine form, Obama has been rewarded. A 5000 square foot, 1.5 million dollar mansion. A seat in the Illinois State Senate. And, now the US Senate; a job for life. His actions define the word partisan and certainly don’t square with his words.

Then we get to post-racial. This guy comes out of the Harvard Law School. He could have gotten a job with just about any blue chip law firm. He could have, if it was so important, been a role model merely by being successful by virtue of hard work to get through college, law school and finally with a top law firm. But, he chose a career in politics. In particular, a career in identity politics. That included an association with a church with a particularly virulent ideology of black liberation theology. I didn’t know they used God d-mn in church.

Now, after living and breathing identity politics so long, in an environment of pre-ordained elections, he sudden realizes that he needs to actually get votes outside is identity group. But, it takes more than saying that he’s post-racial. With his paper thin resume consisting of four or five speeches, all you have to go on are his associates and friends. From, ahem, Chicago.

Then, finally, you get a sense as to how sheltered his political environment was from the Chicago south side. The first was his lame and incredibly weak response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Then, with his shelving his economic plan in light of a financial meltdown that could have very well have started a  depression, you get the distinct impression that were he in Bush’s shoes he have been utterly paralyzed. These are real problems that a little graft or a couple of thugs from the neighborhood local won’t any longer handle.

By contrast, there are blacks that whites, even bitter whites would have overwhelmingly supported. Colin Powell comes to mind. In fact, in Obama’s shoes, Powell would have mopped the floor with Hill’s rear end in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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