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The Palin Smears and Chicago Politics

Posted in obama, palin, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 22, 2008

There’s news that some of the Palin smears may come from sources closely tied to the Obama campaign. Among the smears was the charge that she belonged to a secessionist party in the past. (here from Power Line and here from Jawa Report)

I’ll leave to the computer and internet pros to dissect the webs of deception that allow these smears to metastazie over the internet and into the MSM. But, I’ll certainly comment on Chicago machine politics as usual.

One of the things that you’ll never see however is a direct link between the smear sources and Obama. Never a quid pro quo or a specific exchange of money. This will probably go only to Axelrod if you follow out the trail.

But, this too is typical for “honest” graft that pervades Chicago machine politics. For example, Obama got a really sweet mortagage deal for his 1.5 million, 5000 square foot mansion he bought shortly after his election to the US Senate. How did that happen? Well it was just “understood.” A rising machine star walks into the bank offices and a nice deal just materializes. Not a word out of Obama. Not a hint of a deal. 

Then courtsy Rezko, he get half of a neighboring lot to said 1.5 million dollar home way below market. Can you pin it directly on Obama. Of course not. It just happened. It just fell from the sky.

Over on the distaff side, Michelle Obama get a promotion and her salary doubled to $300,000 per year. Oh, where oh where did that come from. Obviously the blue bird of happiness that rains down all sorts of favors on people who’s husband happens to make it into the Senate courtesy the machine.

The Chicago machine is based on favors from the public coffers. Not on governance based on a sense of the general welfare as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. It is a one-party regime that will not tolerate dissent. Dissent like why is Cook County (where Chicago’s located) running a deficit with a 9.25 per cent sales tax and we need to increase that tax further. Now this win at any cost mentality is being foisted upon the entire nation because Palin’s mere presence is asking those same questions about governance for the benefit of the office holders and their friends.


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