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Crisis Over; Palin Trashing Resumes

Posted in economics, main stream media, obama by Eugene Podrazik on September 19, 2008

The markets just closed up 400 points yesterday. Its up about 300 points today. Crisis over. Obama is going to have to find a new “crisis” to try to pin on the GOP. So, its back to kicking that little upstart hillbilly from Alaska in the butt (here and here). Oh, Michelle Obama contributed as well. Here’s the contrast of competence with the empty words of Obama.

On one hand we had a financial crisis that could have, like in 1929, triggered a major recession if not depression. But, thanks to the hard work of the Treasury Department and the Fed, this crisis was averted. Were all the judgements correct? Perhaps debatable. Will there be further problems? Probably. But, for the last week we had a lot of individuals making the best of bad alternatives to try to cobble together a workable solution.

But, what occurred at the Treasury and the Fed were consummate professionals putting the resolution of a serious crisis ahead of any personal or partisan animus. I’m sure that there are many guilty parties in this whole mess. Likely,many of these same said parties actually played a role in the resolution of this crisis. And, many of these guilty parties may be prosecuted for acts of malfeasance that precipitated this crisis. But, agendas weren’t the agenda; keeping an economy going was.

This has been the hallmark of Bush’s leadership. Fix on a problem and solve it–without any grandstanding. But, don’t worry. What good work was done, since it was done on Bush’s watch will never see praise in the MSM.

Contrast that to the “change” candidate from the Chicago Democratic machine and his MSM amen chorus (on both sides of the pond). Obama was riding this crisis for the sole purpose of jacking up his poll ratings with non-stop denouncements of the “failure” of our market system and Bush’s oversight (with the implication that McCain will be more of the same). Our European “friends” were gleefully piling on about the “collapse” of America and free markets. Congress, with Pelosi in the lead, said it wasn’t their fault, couldn’t do anything and left town.

We are lucky that this problem didn’t happen with Obama in charge. There, the solution of the crisis would be to use it to further advance Obama’s and his fellow travelers’ agendas. Just like the New Deal which only managed (and did not solve) deprivation to the furtherance of a big government agenda. It was fortunate that this crisis was solved in an Obama, Pelosi and Reid free environment.

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