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Polls and Loathing

Posted in mccain, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 18, 2008

We’ve seen an erosion of McCain in the tracking polls. Not surprising since the events of Hurricane Ike and the Wall Street meltdown have very much dominated the news. And, of course, the news according to the in-the-tank-for-Obama MSM. Yet, there is a certain resilience to McCain since Rasmussen has the race tied and Battleground has McCain up by two. Gallup is more worrisome, but that’s with registered, not likely voters.

A resilience in spite of events and the MSM throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the McCain ticket. Events have push back against McCain but there’s no knock-out.

We’re going to have to wait for the news from Wall Street to wash out. The Democrats use economic bad new to their advantage by promising free candy. The reality is that, though not perfect, we’ve got an adult presence in the Department of the Treasury I think actually bringing order to the mess and calling the right shots in bailing out liquidity problems (AIG) and allowing problems of solvency to fail (Lehmann). I think, in another week were going to see Wall Street as news fade away; and make Obama’s bleating look foolish.

Ike’s a non-story because there’s a competent response at the local and state level; such responses that were not existant in Louisiana when Katrina struck.

The net effect is that it’s probably good that these events occurred now to allow the immediate emotional effects to die out. What will be left is a steadiness on the GOP ticket that will serve to remind the electorate that these dangerous times needs leadership that can think clearly in the face of adversity.

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