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MSM; The Dying Beast

Posted in main stream media, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 16, 2008

Maybe the MSM is in the tank for Obama, but maybe their particularly vindictive zeal to get him elected has more to do with their own survival and sense of relevance. Here’s a sample of some the garbage that passes for news: (WaPo courtsey Power Line) (NYT via Power Line) (Jennifer Rubin; RCP)

It’s no secret that the MSM is being trashed, financinally by all sort of alternate media outlets. Stock prices for NYT and the LA Times continue to plummet. Advertising page sales continue to drop. Talk radio and the internet increasingly replace print and broadcast MSM media.

And, the alternate media continues to take a bite out of the MSM by catching them in their lies and inaccuracies. Now, significant scoops are being brought to the publics attention by the same alternate media. It was the internet that brought Dan Rather down in under twenty four hours over the faked Texas Air National Guard letters. It was Drudge that broke the Monica Lewinski story.

It is the alternate media that is exposing all of Obama’s shortcomings. Shortcomings that in the age of Walter Cronkite would have been buried, totally.

The MSM is having their influence slowly eroded as people come up with new ways to circumvent their once total lock on information. In the late 70’s and early 80’s it was direct mail. Then, talk radio. Finally, the internet.

At the same time, the really big names anointed themselves as the high priests of their cloistered world. We have whole rafts of people believing their special status with their profession certified by degrees and schools of journalism. Whereas, instead of majoring in a true course of study in liberal arts, most of our journalist acolytes majored in a degree that teaches them how to write a story, fast. What they really missed, in studying for their journalism degrees, was the fact that they needed to stow their prejudices and just provide facts. Somehow, the rest of the world is just as full of prejudiced people who have figured out that you go to work to get a job done and not color job performance with political bias.

In a recent article, in The Atlantic, concerning Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal, there a remark by Murdoch to the WSJ staffers that their job was to get the scoop. Murdoch got it right. The business is about getting and selling accurate information. Now that people have alternatives for accurate information, publications like the NYT are tanking because people will not pay for propaganda.

But, the MSM’s big egos are getting in the way, so heavily invested their role as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. A job that goes back to the days of FDR. With each election cycle, their influence wanes. Stopping McCain is now their last hurrah. If McCain wins, the MSM is going to finally have to come out of their cocoon, willing or not, and face the facts that their real job is to provide information or go belly up.


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