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Reaching Across the Aisle to Vietnam

Posted in mccain, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 14, 2008

Here’s an article (hat tip; Power Line) from the Wall Street Journal about a very unlikely endorsement of McCain–Vietnam. 

No, this isn’t a tit-for-tat to counter Obama’s sewing up the European vote. Rather, this speaks to McCain’s character to put aside past hurts (in this case a very gross understatement) and to place America’s interest ahead of his. I suspect that the favorable support from his former captors as to come from two factors.

The first is that he championed normalization of of US-Vietnamese relations after the war. Some of this had to do with American interests in counterbalancing growing Chinese influence. But more, I think, that he, like most Americans, have a decency that refuses to hold a grudge for the next seven generations.

The second reason, for all the enmity between an American captive and his North Vietnamese captors, was a respect between military men coming from the respect that McCain did not crack. A respect for the strength of McCain’s character.

It might be understandable that McCain might want to nurse a grudge against the Vietnamese for the rest of his life; he suffered greatly in their hands. But, he, for personal reasons and for reasons that placed country before personal, displayed a depth of character that reflects well for a man who wants to be commander-in-chief.

And, for all the ridicule that the MSM directs towards people “bitterly” clinging to religion, this is truly an act of Christian charity. An act, lost on the MSM, but not on the Vietnamese. 

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