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Swiftboating the Community Organizer

Posted in obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 12, 2008


When a presidential candidate campaigns and, in particular give the acceptance speech at his national convention, he is presenting his resume to the electorate and saying, in effect, hire me. This is what Kerry did in 2004 when he saluted the audience and said, “reporting for duty.” The implication was that his command of a US Navy Swift boat, off the coast of Vietnam constituted one of his qualifications for the job of Commander-in-Chief. We’ll pass on his post service anti-war activities.

The big issue following was the coming forward of other ex-naval personnel, officers and enlisted, who served with him in Vietnam and questioned the quality of his service and leadership as ship commander. And so, the moniker of “swiftboating” was born. To the left the term denotes a smear with untruth. To me, it constitutes legitimate questions as to whether that portion of the resume truly demonstrates fitness to lead.

The real proof of the matter was for Kerry to release all of his service records. This isn’t hard since I, as a naval officer, easily requested a copy of my microfiche of my naval records prior to my separation. And, in two crates, sitting in my garage, is every piece of paper that I accumulated in my three years of active duty and five years of reserve duty. If the US Navy burned down tomorrow, I could easily reconstruct my entire eight year service record.

Now, we have Obama crying over being insulted over the ridicule heaped upon him concerning his career as “community organizer.” The American Thinker pours a lot of cold water on the accomplishments of this career. Further, in a separate article, the American Thinker makes the case that this community organizing merely furthered the graft and corruption that typifies the Chicago Democratic machine. Saul Alinsky’s socialist revolution was merely co-opted by the Chicago Democratic machine as yet another opportunity for graft and patronage. Saul Alinsky’s community organizer became an updated and more fashionable name for “ward heeler.”

Obama has served the machine well. He has a seat in the senate and a 1.5 million dollar mansion. If he didn’t have such an ego, he might have thought twice about risking his senate-seat-for-life with his run for president. He’d better win, because if defeated, he’s going to spend the rest of his political life in Jimmy Carterland.

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