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The Jesus Community Organizer; Pontius Pilate Governor Echo Chamber

Posted in gop, obama, palin, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 11, 2008

Maybe the Democrats are on to a new theological revelation about the purpose for the birth of Jesus as Messiah.

But, I, your humble blogger, by virtue of vast knowledge in the areas of antiquity and theology can reveal the true purpose for the birth of Christ.

Contrary to New Testament accounts, the Democratic Party Book of Revealed Truth says otherwise. These ancient documents were discovered by digging a little deeper in the very grounds that rendered the Dead Sea Scrolls. These documents will soon be added to the Bible as yet another New Testament chapter; you can throw your old one out.

It appears that thousands of Galileans were thrown out of work from the thriving iron smelting industry by the unexpected arrival of cheap iron imports from Rome. Needless to say despair gripped Galilee. Jesus was really sent to earth to organize the despairing Galileans by revealing to them the writings of the blessed Saul Alinsky and the holy protections of the Richard M of Daley.

In a pig’s eye.

Procurator Palin, governor of Alaska, is going to crucify that machine toady community organizer from Chicago this November. 

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