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Less Abortions Are Now a Problem

Posted in abortion, palin by Eugene Podrazik on September 11, 2008

Via Power Line, we find this. It seems that Palin’s decision to keep baby Trig despite the foreknowledge of Down’s syndrome may result in more women being inspired to do the same; resulting in less abortions.

This is obscene. It is one thing to have abortion availiable as an option. It was supposed to be so a woman could have control over her body. It was, if one follows the orginal rationale of Roe v. Wade, supposed to be for privacy. The abortion option was supposed to be a key building block for female empowerment. Abortion was supposed to be the parachute clause for truly intractable problems caused a set of circumstances that would otherwise destroy a young woman’s life. It was supposed to be a second chance, so to speak. It was supposed to be, according to a recent ex-president, an option that was supposed to be “safe, but rare.” 

But, “choice” seems to be a one way street. God help you if your “choice” goes off-script and becomes a choice for life.

Now the decision of Palin, to keep Trig, is now a blot on her public persona by not creating a “positive” abortion-for-Down’s-baby role model. Keeping a Down’s baby entails a lot of work above and beyond what a child not so handicapped would entail. I’ve been blessed with two healthy girls, so I cannot know the day-to-day efforts such a decision entails. But, I, as a physician, do treat children so handicapped and can appreciate these difficulties.

And, are there genuine medical situations where the continuation of a pregnancy is simply incompatible with the life of the mother. One must choose–mother or baby. Those are the times when the physician must make a truly gut-wrenching decision; a decision hopefully guided by a strong moral grounding.

Yet, a woman steps up to show the world that there is another choice. That there is a choice based on life and love. A woman steps up to shoulder the responsibility that saving that life will entail. But, in the process, she steps on the toes of a eugenics movement that never died. And, so we have Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in Ottawa worried about less abortions. 

The real contribution of Hippocrates, as the “father of medicine,” is the concept that the physician, at least the Western sense, was this. To be a physician, as opposed to the healers, pagan priests, witch doctors and the like that through history functioned like physicians, was to reject the option and power of death many of these healers held. The physician, in the tradition of Hippocrates, would only preserve and support life. Yet, some two thousand years later, we are, especially with late term or partial-birth abortions, no better than our forbearers of antiquity who simply threw unwanted babies into the town dump. 

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