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We are (not) the World

Posted in main stream media, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 10, 2008

More drivel from foreign commentators, Jonathan Freedland, about how necessary it is to elect a president that the world will love and respect. That president being Obama. Otherwise expect a “harsh” verdict from the rest of the world! Cringe. 

As pointed out by former UN ambassador Bolton, there is a philosophy of “norming” in which US policy, both foreign and increasingly domestic, needs to conform to some international consensus. And, quite frankly, Obama’s their man since he’s going to jump into this norming paradigm with both feet. He’s already made it quite clear that America somehow has to trim its sails in so many areas–economic and military–out of a frank rejection of American Exceptionalism.

I might expect this out of a commentator on the continent itself, rather than from Britain.  But, it seems the Britain of the “thin red line” is long lost in the mists of history. And, the philosophies of such persons as Locke and Smith are no longer welcome in their own land and now must find refuge in the one country that takes the British legacy of the rule of law and the rights of the individual seriously.

America is a country made up of people that rejected the world. It started with our Founding Fathers who turned their resignations as Brits when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Their wisdom as been repeated millions of times over as the huddled masses from around the world came to our shores to become, like Washington, Americans.

And, we are exceptional, because of a winnowing process, that systematically cleaned every society on this earth of its best and brightest. For, only a certain intrepid sort of individual would bet their life and future on a one way steerage ticket to the new world.

We’re here to elect the president of the US. The harsher the world verdict, the more it speaks to McCain’s fitness, over Obama, to serve as president. We’re here to find a leader who will uphold a Constitution and Bill of Rights that trumps every declaration of “human rights” that the UN cares to issue. Want real human rights? Try the first two sentences of the Declaration of Independence. Try the Bill of Rights.


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