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President (of the World) Obama

Posted in clinton, main stream media, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 10, 2008

Drudge gives a a cross link via ABC News of an international poll done by the BBC that Obama is favored over McCain for president.  Maybe that’s news for the BBC and Reuters, but other than more MSM bias, why would ABC even regard this as news.

But, American Exceptionalism isn’t even on the radar for the folks at ABC.  Such America-is-full-of-rubes reporting is what keeps the top executives at ABC on the social invite A-list out in the Hamptons and Napa Valley. And, these same-said executives would never visit the hovel occupied by Obama’s half-brother without having a luxury hotel to flee to at the end of the day. Yet, the world’s opinion somehow should matter in a country that has been a stick in world’s eye ever since Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. The day the rest of the world really takes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as endowments from our Creator, seriously, is the day I’ll deign to listen.

You know, Obama will not be our first black president. That honor already goes to Bill Clinton. But, Obama, if elected, can claim the honor of the first UN General Secretary to occupy the Oval Office.  Or, maybe the first EU president in the White House.

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