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Miss Piggy

Posted in main stream media, obama, politics by Eugene Podrazik on September 10, 2008

“You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.” (Porcine thoughts; Power Line) It’s getting harder to come up with the defining quote that’ll put Obama into Bartlett’s. I thought it was going to be the bitter comment he made at the Getty digs in San Francisco. 

Mr. “Nuance” Obama isn’t. In fact, he’s just canceled out the seven houses gaffe; and then some. 

What comes out of a person’s mouth will go a long way to truly define that person and reveal his innards. In fact, a long-winded dissertation is not a revealing as a simple phrase in an unguarded moment. Moreover, what is said under pressure is really the measure of the man.

Until now, and for just about all of his political career, Obama’s coasted. In the Chicago machine, there’s no real opposition because the GOP is non-existent in Chicago. As long as you have the machine showering favor on you, you’ll look good. Now, for the first time, Obama is up against real opposition sans help from some goons from the neighborhood local. And, Obama’s not the sure-footed orartor he’s cracked up to be.

Moreover, this is a guy with an Ivy League education and a Harvard law degree. An attorney, for heaven’s sake. The very profession that parses the meaning of words down to the last scintilla. And, yet he couldn’t see this freight train roaring at him at sixty miles per hour. He’s already in trouble for his perceived “sexist” mistreatment of Hillary. Now, he comes up with a gaffe in which he calls a woman a pig. Maybe Obama’s intention was not to call Palin a pig. But, he should have known that what he meant didn’t matter; it’s what his audience thinks he meant that matters.

This name calling, along with the MSM attacks, are so egregious, that whatever is opposition research turns up in Alaska simply won’t matter. These attacks and cheap shots are having the effect of having the GOP and women voters circling the wagons. Frankly, at this point, opposition research could reveal that Palin is really Godzilla in drag and it won’t matter. Sometimes nuance gives way to the simples lessons, on credibility, of childhood stories like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” 

Words have meanings. Meanings have consequences. Wars have been started over words. In the thousands of words a politician may speak over the course of a campaign, you’re going to make mistakes. But, in Obama’s case, these are beginning to pile up. And, under pressure of having, for the first time in his life, formidable opponents such McCain and Palin, we’re beginning to see this candidate starting to run with one wheel in the sand.

Finally, most people understand mistakes. It is just as much a measure of the man to simply to admit to a mistake. Obama already showed this lack of flexibility by continuing to refuse, in the light of the surge’s success, to admit he would have approached the issue of the surge differently with the hindsight of this success. The handling of the “pig” statement merely encapsulates that inflexible, I’m-incapable-of-mistakes mindset.

This entire episode could have instantly gone away if he just apologized. No nuance, just a simple “I’m sorry.”

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  1. jonolan said, on September 10, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Yeah, I’m laughing myself silly over his comment. The GOP has been repeatedly accused by the Obama camp of using “coded language” to disseminate their “racial slurs.” The Left even decided that “arrogant” equated to “uppity ni**er.” And of course Obama preemptively cried race time and time again with his “their going to try to make you afraid of me” line of comments.

    Now, the shoe is on the other foot. LOL

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