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Palin and “Troopergate”

Posted in obama, politics, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 7, 2008

Scrutiny of Wooten Raises Conduct Questions

Emerging Facts About State Trooper Mike Wooten

Anatomy of a Scandal  See especially the posted comment by Tim.

Here’s Wooten’s 10 day suspension

Context, context, context and not gottacha.

First, I use the term troopergate in quotes because this little tempest in a teakettle is not the use of sworn peace officers in the procurement and facilitation of base extra-martial sexual liaisons. 

More background. Living in a small, population wise, state, everyone knows everyone whether socially, professionally or politically.  This social, professional and political is going to spill into marriage and all the mess of family politics.

To use my living in Wyoming as an example, my senator, Senator Barrasso is practically my next door neighbor on the foot of Casper Mountain.  On a typical trip from Casper to Yellowstone, we ran into one of my former scrub nurses, her son (once a patient of mine) in Shoshoni, population 635, and the father of my kids classmate in Dubois, population 962.

Taking my kids to their horse back riding lessons, I run into the mother of one of the other kids whom I operated upon about five years ago.  Then I run into the mother-in-law of one of my employees. 

Again, everyone know everyone.  And, if you mayor of Wasilla, who aren’t you going to know?

Now, let’s get into the particulars.  We have to go back to the travails of the Palin family with trooper Mike Wooten.  This issue goes back as far as 2003; long before Palin’s tenure as governor. Wooten was a problem.  To quote the suspension document, reasons for the suspension included issues of using a Taser on his ten-year-old stepson and drinking alcohol, beer, before and during the operation of a marked Alaska State Trooper patrol vehicle.  Palin’s very personal involvement centered on her sister’s disintegrating marriage with Wooten.  In one instance, ‘Troopergate’ Part 1: Sarah Palin and Mike Wooten (digitaljournal.com), Palin’s sister, Molly McCann Wooten, called Sarah telling her she was afraid and left an open telephone connection for Sarah to monitor should the fight become physical.

There are other examples of the Palin’s concerns about Wooten (Here’s the Sarah Palin interview transcript with Sergeant Ron Wall) (Sarah Palin’s e-mail to Colonel Julia Grimes) (Interview with Todd and Sarah Palin).

Then we have the CNN interview with Wooten. Even this, mentions all of the above including drinking on the job, Tasering his son-in-law, and even threats against Palin’s father.  

Palin walked into the Governor’s office with this background. I submit that now Governor Palin had a duty to get to the bottom of this. Why was this ticking time bomb on the force?  Was, given the corruption in other areas of Alaska state governance, Wooten an isolated incident or a pattern.

Now, the official probe is in the hands of Hollis French who appears to be Obama’s point man in Alaska.  Chicago political machine slime reaches even into the pristine beauty of Alaska. I have a better idea. French can come to Chicago and conduct ethics investigations on I-just-got-elected-to-the-US-Senate-and-got-a-sweetheart-deal-on-my-mortgage-on-my-1.5 million-dollar-mansion-gate. 

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