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Obama; Ward Heeler and Wimp

Posted in democratic party, obama, politics, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 7, 2008

We’re coming close to the point where Adlai Stevenson III, when running for Illinois governor against James Thompson made the comment to a reporter the he was not a “wimp.”  It was one of those “thank you God” scoops. Now we have Obama crying over Sarah Palin’s ridicule of the job of “community organizer.”  One of his campaign flunkies issues a letter about how insensitive the characterization was and now is trying to enlist prominent Democratic women, Hill included, to attack Palin for him. 

Or, Sarah-cuda beats you up and steals your lunch money and instead of standing up for yourself, you write a little note about how she hurt your feelings as a community organizer and you send out another girl to fight your battle.

And here.

Let’s get some basics down about Chicago.  First is that the stated function of any governmental institution is it’s secondary purpose.  All public institutions in Chicago (and as much as possible in Springfield and Washington) are there for the benefit of perpetuation of the Chicago Democratic machine.  All community organizer is is an entry level job in the Chicago machine.  It’s a ward heeler.  If you’re good at that you will be promoted to jobs of greater responsibility such as alderman or state legislator.

And, your access to graft will be greater and richer.  You’ll never find a stated quid pro quo.  It’s just understood.  Like a sweetheart mortgage deal for your 1.5 million dollar home.  Like your wife getting promoted and her salary doubled to $300,000 per year.

If you’re really good you can even move up to Washington DC.

Now, the last thing Obama wanted to do was actually help as an community organizer. Someone may actually get a job and reduce his dependence on machine largess.  His job to to organize so that votes would be forth coming for the machine on election day.  One in a while, a Saul Alinsky style action would be tolerated if it provided avenues for extrotion from legitimate businesses.  

Reports will soon be forthcoming about Obama’s management of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  It will show that Obama managed to spend, with Ayers, some 50 to 100 million dollars that did nothing to improve the public schools in Chicago.  Failure?  Far from it. What Obama very successfully did was spread large amounts of money among a lot of the usual suspects connected to Chicago machine politics.  

Improve schools?  Step on the teacher’s union’s toes? Hardly. Independent citizens getting their money’s worth?  Try serfs dependent on the beneficence of the Democratic machine.

When Obama ran for the state senate, he knocked off all opposition on the democratic primary ballot by systematic petition challenges.  Accident?  Of course.  Had Obama been challenging some one who really mattered to the machine, such petition challenges would have been immediately slapped down. 

Palin and Giuliani struck home in mocking the occupation of “community organizer.”  It’s an indefensible occupation that reveals Obama to be the creature and toady of the Chicago Democratic hierarchy.  Not once did he break ranks. Palin knows that and so does Obama.  They also both know that Obama’s “presidential leadership” will originate from and be vetted by the offices of Reid and Pelosi.


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