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Sarah Palin; Escapee from the Liberal Plantation

Posted in abortion, politics, second amendment, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on September 3, 2008

Break out the blood hounds.  And, while your at it beat up on a pregnant 17 year-old.  Another designated “minority” has escaped from the liberal plantation and is actually thinking for herself–and succeeding. 

She has the temerity to actually make her own decisions and not check in with the proffered wisdom of NOW and NARAL.  She’s got five kids and should, in deference to NARAL, aborted the last.  She’s supposed to be a ward of the state with all those kids; but instead of collecting food stamps she shoots a moose and feeds her family with said animal.  We’ll pass on the Second Amendment implications integral to the moose murder.

Sarah Palin is a big threat to the Obama campaign.  Even before her selection as McCain’s running mate, Obama’s campaign was running on fumes.  What was supposed to be a triumphal coronation was turning into a squeaker.  And, the Democrats are beginning to realize that the Messiah is really damaged goods from the Chicago Democratic political machine.

Obama’s just like Jimmy Carter back in 1976.  He sounded fresh and new.  But, under the hood it’s just the same liberal boiler plate.  Back then, the MSM was able to hide Carter’s true liberal bona fides and maintain the southern born-again Christian facade; at least until after the election. Thanks to the internet, the MSM’s monopoly on information control is broken and we know of Obama’s less than sterling “post-partisan” credentials.

Enter Palin.  She’s serves to highlight Obama’s weaknesses even further–chief being his inability to reach out to the other half of the Democratic party that voted for Hillary.  And, her two year tenure as governor is experience that only further highlights Obama’s lack of accomplishments.

But, Palin’s real crime is her divergence from the holy scriptures of the liberated woman; Democratic style. It’s okay to be conservative if you’re white and male.  But, if you fall outside that demographic, the liberal establishment is going to be particularly vicious in beating down the upstart.  Savaging conservative minorities is no longer reserved for blacks. This is a successful woman who presents with credentials that would go entirely unrecognized on Martha’s Vineyard or the Hampton’s.  And, this is a successful woman who is pro-life and shoots a gun and looks good all at the same time.  

This is a woman who, in the eyes of the bicoastal elite is way off-script.  An affront.  She’s supposed to be divorced, have bad teeth, smoke, maybe with a GED, who’s supporting her kids checking out groceries at the local supermarket.  This is a woman who must be destroyed immediately.  Strangled in the cradle. Even if you have to drag her pregnant 17 year-old daughter into the fray to make the kill.


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